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5 Popular Ways to Make Your Dark Room Brighter

by Eva

5 Popular Ways to Make Your Dark Room Brighter

There are several reasons why enough natural light isn’t filtering into your home. Even though it often has to do with the windows, you still have many different home improvements to consider if you want to increase the amount of light coming to your space. 

That is why our team has reached out to Ecoline, window and door installation experts, and asked them about top things you could do to make your dark room brighter. Interested? Stay tuned! 

Invest in Lightning

Introducing artificial lighting elements into your living space without going overboard is one way to brighten up your dark room. The secret is to layer your lighting elements. 

To do this, you’ll need the right mix of overhead, accent, and task lights. 

  • Accent lighting is used to illuminate paintings, photographs, sculptures, or architectural details within your room.
  • Overhead lighting elements are often permanently fixed to the ceiling, illuminating everywhere from the top down.
  • Finally, task lamps include the bedside lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, etc., that you use for specific occasions. 

Blending these lighting options will definitely brighten your home, regardless of your window situation.

Switch Up Your Decor

If your room gets too dark for your comfort during the daytime, maybe it’s time for you to redecorate. Now, you don’t have to break the bank to do this. With just a few key changes, you’ll be on your way to having a brighter room.

These changes include painting your room with brighter colours, incorporating mirrors into your space, and using more colourful accessories. 

A great colour to use is stark white. It’ll make your space feel airy, brighter, and bigger. However, to avoid the clinical feel that an all-white room gives, you’ll need colourful accents. Mahogany shelves and cabinets, bright-coloured rugs, leather chairs, and plants will make it feel homey in no time.

Install New Windows

Another helpful tip is to install replacement windows that allow tons of natural light to filter into your home while blocking out the heat. When choosing these windows, you’ll need to consider three factors if you want optimum sunlight in your dark room. They are:

  • Glass-to-frame ratio

The glass-to-frame ratio of windows indicates how much glass you get in your window. The higher it is, the higher the amount of natural light filtering in due to the increased glass surface area. Sliding and casement windows are perfect options to consider.

  • Visible transmittance

The visible transmittance ratio of your replacement window is a measurement that indicates how much visible light filters into your home through your window. It is one of the ratings that contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your windows. When choosing windows using this factor, ensure that you watch out for the Solar heat gain coefficient. A balance between these two ratings will help you choose the best window for your dark room.

  • Glazing

The glazing also affects how much sunlight filters into your home. Typically, there are single, double, and triple-pane windows. The higher the number, the less light that filters in. Double-pane windows work best here since the energy efficiency is optimal while the amount of natural light coming to your space is also on a decent level.

Change your Blinds or Shutters

Often, your room may be too dark because of the window treatment option or blinds that you use. Window treatments offer privacy, they help protect your furniture from UV damage, and they also keep your room cool enough for you to enjoy it. 

Some window treatment options offer you all these features while letting natural light into your room. They include:

  • dual window shades
  • vertical blinds
  • day-night cellular shades
  • and sheer panels

They are either made of light fabrics or offer light control while offering you an acceptable level of privacy.

Clean your Room

Cleaning your room not only brightens your mood, but it helps brighten your room too. A room filled with clutter will absorb the little sunlight available, making it a drearier picture of what it ought to be. Therefore, a clean and clutter-free space will keep it airy and somewhat brighter.

The Bottom Line

Comfy, well-illuminated rooms not only put you in a positive mood but also boost your property’s value. Potential buyers will view the rooms as a warm, welcoming space they could put to good use. And by following the 5 tips mentioned above, you’ll have a well-illuminated room in no time. Good luck!









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