Home Bathroom Rustic bathroom: 43 Gorgeous ideas to get inspired

Rustic bathroom: 43 Gorgeous ideas to get inspired

by Eva

Rustic bathroom: 43 Gorgeous ideas to get inspired

The rustic decor is able to transform an environment and make it super cozy and full of personality, and the bathroom being a space we use to relax in a good bath it is important to think of a decoration that transforms this environment into a beautiful and well cozy, and for that the rustic bathroom is an excellent choice.

And to help you who are looking for ideas for decorating rustic bathrooms we have brought you several tips on how to decorate this space in a practical and timeless way so that your rustic bathroom is the way you always dreamed.

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There are many ways to decorate rustic bathrooms, some of which even mix other styles, such as the modern rustic bathroom, for example. Because of this, the first thing you need to think about when designing a rustic bathroom design is what your expectations and needs are for that environment.

But it’s important to remember that some small details can help transform rustic bathrooms without having to undergo major renovations like choosing wall coverings, some small decorative details, rustic bathroom furniture like a cabinet or even a small bench, in short, the possibilities are diverse and what really matters is choosing the right items to make the decoration of rustic bathrooms more welcoming. Of course, you should choose the right toilet taking style and functionality into account. Don’t forget about a comfortable toilet seat, like a heavy-duty toilet seat for big people

To choose rustic bathroom coverings you must first observe the size of this environment. If it is a small rustic bathroom the most advisable is to invest in light tiles without great details and leave the touch more rural due to the rustic bathroom furniture.

But if you feel the need for that rustic touch on the bathroom walls you can choose to leave a single wall made of exposed brick or even with a wood-like finish. In addition, you also have the option of using stones as a coating for rustic bathrooms, but in this case, it will be necessary to do a major renovation.

And an important tip, if you think of a modern rustic bathroom decor the burnt cement also works super well for this space. And in addition to the walls, it can also be used as a floor and give a super cozy air to the decorated space.

The rustic bathroom furniture is nothing more than those cabinets, like the bathroom cabinet made of wood, however, you must pay close attention to the rustic bathroom cabinet, as it needs to have a more “coarse” finish to bring that country touch to the bathroom.

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Also, remember that the bathroom is a very damp environment, so use paint or marine varnish to protect the rustic bathroom cabinet making the piece last for many more years.

If it is a bigger bathroom in addition to the traditional rustic bathroom cabinet where the sink and countertop are located, you can invest in other rustic bathroom furniture such as a wooden bench that will support items such as towels, hygiene products, or even when you are getting ready.

Lighting is capable of transforming an environment, so it is essential to think of a good lighting project to decorate your rustic bathroom. Here the tip is to choose lamps or chandeliers that have a rustic design to decorate the room.

Wooden light fixtures, for example, are great choices to match the rustic bathroom counter cabinet and create direct lighting on the countertop, for indirect lighting that catches the entire bathroom it is interesting to use iron chandeliers or even made in natural fibers. It will look super charming.

As we mentioned earlier, some details will make all the difference in the decor of your rustic bathroom, so in addition to the furniture, chandelier, and lamps it is interesting to use elements made of iron, clay, ceramics, and of course wood to decorate this environment.

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The rustic bathroom mirror is one of the main decorative details of this space, after all, every self-respecting bathroom has at least one mirror, right? The rustic bathroom mirror can be made with both raw wood and iron frames, here it is important to pay attention to the finish of the piece and observe if the rustic bathroom mirror will “talk” with the other elements of the space such as cabinets and the tub rustic bathroom.

In addition to the mirror, you can also invest in potted plants, frames with wooden frames, and use niches and shelves with a French hand that help compose the decor and keep the space better organized.

for more optical inspiration you can check the following images

If any of these photos inspire your ideas for bathroom designs, take them to an expert and ask them to guide you on how to achieve the look or for them to do it for you. 2nd City Plumbing & Heating are local experts for providing modern bathroom fittings.








































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