Home Bathroom How to Create a Zen bathroom – Our tips in pictures

How to Create a Zen bathroom – Our tips in pictures

by Decorator

Zen bathroom ideas

Zen bathroom, or how to find inner peace at home, without visiting the offices of specialists, or SPA studios that are really expensive?

One of the hardest things today is to find a calm and reassuring place to get rid of daily stress. How to achieve peace and harmony so sought after?

With Zen practice you can create a true SPA center home. In this article we will give you some tips to create a Zen deco room bathroom.

Tip number 1: The importance of color. The natural look is a key element in the choice of shades. Opt for fresh and bright colors, the pastel range of variants are also a good alternative. Beige, white, pale yellow, pale brown are among the options that will bind you with nature and neutralize negative energy.

Tip number 2: The materials and natural fabrics. They are an integral part of the Zen culture. Contact with nature is an important element in achieving harmony. So best options are stone, wood, bamboo, granite and marble. Combine with glass elements – walls, mirrors and walls.

Tip number 3: Light. As a natural source of energy, it brings a lot of positive energy, helping you to maintain harmony within. So ask large windows facing south. Its very important! If the layout of your bathroom does not allow it, consider installing a skylight. This is a good compromise that works great for local oriented north who are not penetrated by natural light.

Tip number 4: The greenery! Ask as a possible green plants! They clean the air and neutralize positive ions. They are inherent in the dirty air and cons – negatively charged ions are typical for clean air.

Tip number 5: The perfect finish is the large tub, full of natural bath salts and scented candles.

And to introduce this into practice, we invite you to view our photo gallery with lots of ideas to create a SPA center at home.

Zen bathroom ideas1

Zen bathroom ideas2

Zen bathroom ideas3

Zen bathroom ideas4

Zen bathroom ideas5

Zen bathroom ideas6

Zen bathroom ideas7

Zen bathroom ideas8

Zen bathroom ideas9

Zen bathroom ideas10

Zen bathroom ideas11

Zen bathroom ideas12

Zen bathroom ideas13

Zen bathroom ideas14

Zen bathroom ideas15

Zen bathroom ideas16

Zen bathroom ideas17

Zen bathroom ideas18

Zen bathroom ideas19

Zen bathroom ideas20

Zen bathroom ideas21

Zen bathroom ideas22

Zen bathroom ideas23

Zen bathroom ideas24

Zen bathroom ideas25

Zen bathroom ideas26

Zen bathroom ideas27

Zen bathroom ideas28

Zen bathroom ideas29

Zen bathroom ideas30

Zen bathroom ideas31

Zen bathroom ideas32

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Beverly Clark January 31, 2017 - 4:46 pm

Beautiful bathrooms… Can you please tell me the name of the gold tub sitting on the black rocks 7th photo from the bottom…. I have been trying to find that tub.

Thank you

Bohemian style in the bathroom | My desired home April 26, 2017 - 6:15 am

[…] How to Create a Zen bathroom – Our tips in pictures […]

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