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Talent and imagination – 25 creative diy ideas for transforming pebbles in decorative objects

by Eva

Because autumn is fast approaching, and because we’ve been busy with gardening rather than Do It Yourself projects, we’ve set our sights to put our imagination to the test and to be more creative. So this article is about ideas of decorative objects that can be made of stones, ideas that we want to share with you too. We can not go any further without saying that stones can make art.

Decorative stones art – 15 wonderful project ideas


So if you like to gather the small pebbles, just because they have a strange shape, here’s an interesting way to use them, making them some spectacular decorations that look like decorations that will surely delight you, but which They will also embellish your home. In addition, you can spend your free time in a creative way by making them.

For this you need a piece of medium thickness wood, possibly varnished, obviously the pebbles, you have previously painted, and a quality glue.

To paint them, we suggest you use a regular paint or nail polish, the ointment you can find in a wide range of colors through small neighborhood stores, but it is also cheap. To give them glow, you can apply a colorless varnish of the same range.

The art of pebble painting in 60 photos and tutorials – a creative activity to share with your children

Of course, I have prepared a tutorial from which to inspire you, therefore we propose to follow all 25 ideas of decorative objects made of small stones.

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