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Decorative stones art – 15 wonderful project ideas

by Eva

Decorative stones art

If you like to collect pebbles with a particular shape, here’s an interesting way to use them to achieve spectacular decorative objects, from our point of view.

The surrounding nature is one in which we breathe when we want to put our undiscovered talents, which we all have. Some paints landscapes, others sculpt in stone creating true works of art. Well, today we thought a simple subject, namely the fact that even in small pebbles with a particular shape, can be art. And I do not exaggerate at all, proving this with your images below.

To remember than last summer and trips you make to the mountains or the sea, during which we went home with all kinds of seashells or pebbles which seems to us most interesting, gathered on the beach or on the edge flowing water, the main reason being that they had a particular shape.

If so, we invite you to bring forth, because we have a lot of creative projects in this article, namely to establish of them small landscape paintings of nature, successfully framed the original decorative objects category.

Decorative stones art1

Decorative stones art2

Decorative stones art3

Decorative stones art4

Decorative stones art5

Decorative stones art6

Decorative stones art7

Decorative stones art8

Decorative stones art9

Decorative stones art10

Decorative stones art11

Decorative stones art12

Decorative stones art13

Decorative stones art14

Decorative stones art15

Images via: Pinterest

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