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Cool DIY mats from pebbles

by Eva

Cool DIY mats from pebbles

Extremely practical and simple making mats made of … pebbles.
You can use either the ones you will gather at a beach or buy as flat as possible pebble stones from building materials pillars or garden stores with such items.

Additionally, you only need a strong waterproof general purpose adhesive and a rubber-plastic entrance mat from the very cheap ones you will find in home-style shops.

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To achieve the best result, first, place the stones covering the mat without getting stuck. In this way, you will have the flexibility to move them by trying to enter in such a sequence, depending on the shape of each one, so that there are a few gaps as possible between them.

 Then lift the stones once, place glue and press each pebble to its final position.
To emphasize the color of pebbles you can spend a varnish on stone surfaces, you will find many such products in all shops with color-tools etc.

Depending on the shape of the plastic carpet that you will use as the base of the construction respectively will result and your … pebble mat, which can also take many different faces by combining stones of different shades, creating with them shapes, words etc.

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For larger sizes, stick the pebbles on a piece of plastic laminated to the bottom of the carpet.

They are extremely practical for the entrance and generally for outdoor areas because they are easy to clean, they do not stick with the rubbish, leaves etc. while their only disadvantage is that they are clearly heavier than a common entrance mat are at the same time one of their biggest advantages, because of the weight they stay firmly in their position, the air does not move them, nor the … the cat that wants to play 🙂 and such a mat will remain immobile with as much power if you wipe on it sludge from your shoes, use for which their “wild” surface makes them ideal.
But also in the bathroom area will serve you a lot, since you do not care if and how much they will get wet and clean with a simple … mop.

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