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Learn about decorative rule X2

by Eva

Learn about decorative rule X2

The Decorative Rule X2 in Interior Decoration and how with two same objects, placed in the same place, you will achieve a much more beautiful result in decorating every area of the house.

From the general layout – placement of furniture to very small decorative objects, the use of at least two of the same in the same spot-spot is capable of “automatically” creating the visual symmetry on which a successful decoration is largely based.

When cactus can be a natural work of art in our living room

It is a very simple way to make it easier especially when there is a sufficiently large number of objects in a small space and the use of two identical points creates a clearer picture without loading the entire space with different colors-shapes-materials.

This particular decorative technique can be applied to any type of size, whether useful or decorative, wherever they are and often is the … magical solution in all cases where you really like an object you have chosen for decoration of your home, when you put something in it seems “wrong”.

With tall objects and this particular way you will easily give the required height to any form of decorative composition, such as buffet decorations, consoles, auxiliary tables, etc. by placing two identical objects on their edges.

Decorative rule X2 does not have to create “strict” absolute symmetry if you do not wish to.
For example two decorative pillows on the sofa can be placed either facing each other or together on one side, however in any case their aesthetic effect is much higher than placing a single pillow on the sofa.

For particularly small items placed on the coffee table, use even more than two identical or similar items such as candles, candlesticks, small glass jars, small indoor plants etc. for a truly beautiful aesthetic effect.


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