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Pebbles: 25 ideas for creative art inspiration

by Eva

The … the flood of ideas for Do It Yourself constructions – the internet often leads to confusing real art forms from surface-object processing techniques.
For example, pebbles belong to the materials that are offered for simple constructions of various types, but also for creations that do not have the typical DIY construction in the sense that in order to be truly successful they require to a large extent artistic talent. See here excellent paintings with pebbles.

Talent and imagination – 25 creative diy ideas for transforming pebbles in decorative objects


So if you have a similar talent you can take advantage of all the small and bigger pebbles that you will gather on a beach to create with them very elegant paintings, incorporating the pebbles according to their size – shape, in order to represent objects, figures, etc. within the general theme of a canvas.

The art of pebble painting in 60 photos and tutorials – a creative activity to share with your children


Pebble art ideas1 Pebble art ideas2 Pebble art ideas3


Pebble art ideas4 Pebble art ideas5 Pebble art ideas6 Pebble art ideas7 Pebble art ideas8 Pebble art ideas9 Pebble art ideas10 Pebble art ideas11 Pebble art ideas12 Pebble art ideas13 Pebble art ideas14 Pebble art ideas15 Pebble art ideas16 Pebble art ideas17 Pebble art ideas18 Pebble art ideas19 Pebble art ideas20 Pebble art ideas21 Pebble art ideas22 Pebble art ideas23 Pebble art ideas24

Pebble art ideas25 Pebble art ideas26 Pebble art ideas27 Pebble art ideas28 Pebble art ideas29 Pebble art ideas30

Pebble art ideas

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