Home Garden Spinach: Secrets for how to grow Popeyes favorite vegetable for power in your pots or garden

Spinach: Secrets for how to grow Popeyes favorite vegetable for power in your pots or garden

by Eva

Spinach: Secrets for how to grow Popeyes favorite vegetable for power in your pots or garden

Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy vegetables we grow in a garden and pot, especially in the fall and winter. There are, of course, varieties of spinach that thrive in the spring and summer, so we can enjoy its tender leaves throughout the year. Spinach, along with lettuce, is considered one of the easiest vegetable crops, which is why we highly recommend it to novice gardeners. High nutritional vegetable, spinach is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that shield our body’s defenses. The most well-known varieties of spinach are the traditional thorny spinach due to the thorny seed, which has a correct growth, and is a very hardy variety. A very well-known variety is the Virofly variety, which is productive, with dark green foliage that gives a harvest in the fall. So let’s plant spinach plants to use fresh leaves in salads, pies and of course to make the most delicious spinach rice.


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It is an annual or biennial plant of low growth. Its leaves are smooth and thick and their formation near the shoot is dense. The color of the leaves is deep green.


Suitable places for its cultivation are the sunny ones, but it can also grow in semi-shady ones.


It thrives in mild climates. Suitable temperature for its growth is 16oC and 18oC. It does not like heat, drought and frost, but can withstand up to -7οC.


It prefers sandy soils, with good fertility. The Ph should range from 6-7.5 points.


Before growing spinach, it is advisable to enrich the soil with nitrogen fertilizer, because it needs nitrogen.


You can plant spinach wherever you want, in the garden, in flower beds, in pots, as long as it is deep, so that it can grow.

How to grow spinach in a pot on the balcony?

If we do not have a garden, we choose to plant spinach in a pot on our balcony. Growing spinach in a pot does not present much difficulty, as long as we prefer a balcony with a south or west exposure during the autumn period and with an eastern exposure during the spring period. We use low pots and planters, 20-30 cm deep, for transplanting, as spinach has a root system that remains on the surface. We supply plant soil suitable for growing vegetables, enriched with nutrients. It is important to place a thin layer of gravel at the base of the pot to make it easier to remove excess water.

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Sowing season

To prevent premature flowering of spinach we should sow it:

  • When we have a mild winter, sowing takes place in August or September until February.
  • When we have a severe winter, sowing takes place in early spring and late summer or early autumn. We never sow between the two intervals.

Sowing distances

For a quality production, the distances to the plant lines should be 25-40 cm and the plants should be 5-10 cm apart.


Spinach needs frequent watering from sowing and throughout the growing season, in order to have a quality production.


 For ripe leaves intended for cooking, harvest 40-60 days after sowing, while
 For young leaves intended for salad, cut them as tender and small as possible.

Enemies and diseases

It can be affected by downy mildew, aphids, fusarium wilt and vertigo.

Nutritional benefits

We all know that Popeye consumed spinach to give him strength. Spinach is rich in nutrients, has vitamins A, C and K. It also contains manganese, magnesium, iron and folic acid. It is considered to help the body from:
– Osteoporosis
– Cardiovascular diseases
– Arthritis
– Colon cancer

And one last secret about spinach
Regarding the possibilities of co-cultivation, spinach can grow very harmoniously with celery, onion and garlic and give us excellent production.
















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