Home Gardening Ingenious gardening tricks. Seedlings in snails shape method. Sow onions

Ingenious gardening tricks. Seedlings in snails shape method. Sow onions

by Eva

Ingenious gardening tricks. Seedlings in snails shape method. Sow onions

This method is easy to implement at home, as it does not take much time. This method of planting leeks is called “snail”.

Such an unusual way will allow not only to grow seedlings, but also not to clutter up the space with large boxes with seedlings.

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Many summer residents are interested in – what crops can be grown in snails? If you believe the practice, then this method is suitable for growing vegetable and ornamental crops. In order to build a snail, you need a substrate, soil, a transparent film, a container, stationery gum and seeds.

The workflow should begin with the fact that the work area needs to be covered with oilcloth, as you have to work with the ground. Now we take the backing and cut out a strip of 15 cm long and as wide as toilet paper. Pour the earth onto the tape, departing from the top 1 cm. It is better to moisten and compact the soil, so that it does not sprinkle.

Now we turn to the laying of leek seeds. If the seeds are small, you can use tweezers. Planting material must be spread out over the entire length of the tape, at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other, having buried them a little in the ground. Now gently wrap the tape with the earth and seeds in a roll, the lower part can be slightly tucked. The package should not be too tight, but not free, as in the photo.

We fix the snail with rubber bands and put it in a container, on the bottom of which you need to pour water. It is recommended to put a plastic bag on the snail in order to create the desired microclimate, it is worth it to be removed periodically. As soon as the sprouts appear, the package must be removed.


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