Home Decoration ideas Small apartment decoration – ideas, tips and images to make the most of your space

Small apartment decoration – ideas, tips and images to make the most of your space

by Eva

Small apartment decoration – ideas, tips and images to make the most of your space

Having a small apartment does not mean that you cannot feel good when staying at home. One of the easiest ways to find comfort in your own space is to redecorate the apartment. For starters, it’s good to have a strategy on colors, style and functionality. To successfully decorate a small apartment, we advise you to follow a simple three-step strategy. First, choose a color scheme based on one main color and two additional colors that will be used for decorative accessories. On this point, you are warned to choose at least one vibrant color with a slightly lighter shade to create an optical illusion of larger space. Second, make a vision board on Pinterest or in a folder with inspirational photos in the decorative style that you most like. This will help your imagination and your creative power, while keeping you away from kitsch. Third, dedicate different corners for your favorite activities. For example, plan a corner with an armchair under a window that you will pamper with cushions, blanket and light garlands for the hours spent in reading.

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A rule of thumb is not to stress too much on the decor. It is not at all final, nor so difficult to achieve and then to change. This is normally the most interesting part of moving an apartment or renewing the one you have. And the decoration can change for different reasons, such as not being bored when we are locked up at home. Simply rearranging things can give you a new perspective, can save you space, and even give you unexpected satisfaction. For example, the idea of ​​corner design can open up space by giving you motivation to move from the sofa which is sometimes so inviting, especially when the TV connected to Netflix is ​​right in front. But it’s better to have diversity to feel good. Below this page you will find tips and tricks to create your corners of interest, how to decorate a small apartment to save space and inspiring images to find the best small apartment decor ideas.

Small apartment decor – tip 1:

Start from the beginning. It’s time to purge all the garbage you have collected and brought from one apartment to another. Especially as a youngster, it is important to exchange some of the furniture and decoration that you took with you to college for better quality pieces. In addition, you need all the space you can get. It is much easier to start from scratch than to keep unnecessary things that do not make a nice decoration or a good functional part of the apartment.

How to decorate a small apartment – tip 2:

Be realistic about your daily routine to use the space you really need. Do you actually eat at your dining table, or is your breakfast bar used more often? You have to be practical about what your lifestyle really is, in order to make the best use of each room. First, cross the space and imagine yourself living there to begin the process of planning the floor before you even considered a piece of furniture. If you like hammocks for example, why not install one in the living room?

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Small apartment decor – tip 3:

The key is in the multifunctionality of the room. You can try to divide the different spaces of your living room. This is very easy using the rugs that will mark a small sitting area, a space with a small round dining table to pick up more people when it is necessary, a desk area that you can decorate and separate with the vertical decoration. , with photos and paintings that inspire you. Well take advantage of the vertical space. Whether that means adding shelves, hanging that paint you don’t want to get rid of, and even swapping a floor lamp for wall lighting. Bonus: it also adds character to your apartment.








































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