Home Decoration ideas Rustic Floor: Know the Types and 58 Ideas for External and Internal Areas

Rustic Floor: Know the Types and 58 Ideas for External and Internal Areas

by Eva

Rustic Floor: Know the Types and 58 Ideas for External and Internal Areas

Did you know that rustic flooring can also be used in other rooms in the house besides the outdoor area? The kitchen and living room, for example, are environments that are super cozy with this style of flooring.

Among so many materials and coatings, here we put together a guide with everything you need to know about rustic flooring. Check it out and choose the best option to renovate your dream home.

Types of rustic flooring

Rustic flooring can be made of different materials such as wood, bricks or stones. However, there is also the possibility of investing in porcelain tiles that imitate these materials, so you can have a practical floor to clean on a daily basis.

Find out more details about each type of rustic flooring below and choose the best one for your project:

Rustic wooden floor

Wood is a timeless and versatile material. The coatings are available in different shades and prices. Generally, rustic wooden flooring is made of the following types of wood: peroba, cumaru, ipe, almond, oak and tauari. The parquet and parquet flooring is also one of the rustic wooden flooring types. Their advantage is that you can create different designs on the floor of your home.

But if you prefer to save on the project, the tip is not to use natural wood coatings. You can use woody porcelain tile or even a vinyl floor (made of PVC) or laminate flooring, which deliver less quality, but the same effect as natural rustic wood flooring.

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Rustic brick floors

Rustic brick floors are perfect for garden, yard and pool design.

However, not just any brick you can use to make your floor. We recommend the use of refired bricks, which are less absorbent and more resistant than common ones.

Another type of brick that you can use to make rustic brick floors is demolition brick, which makes the effect even more prominent in the space.

However, as it will be used outdoors, we recommend that you waterproof the material to increase its durability. Apply solvent-based acrylic resins or use silicone products – which do not change the shade of the brick.

Rustic cement floor

If you want an industrial-style decor using rustic indoor area floors, then you can make a burnt cement floor to ensure that style in your environment.

Burnt cement is resistant, beautiful and super easy to clean – in addition to combining with different types of furniture in the decoration.

Rustic natural stone flooring

Available in different finishes and textures, natural stone can also be used as rustic indoor flooring or as rustic outdoor flooring, you just need to define the right type for your space.

On rustic floors for outdoor areas, such as near the pool or with a garden, our tip is to use São Tomé stone. It is non-slip and does not heat up in the sun. In addition to this type of stone, you can use cobblestone, baked clay or slate.

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Rustic ceramic flooring

An excellent rustic flooring option for the outdoor area is rustic ceramic.

The advantage of investing in this type of material is that you can achieve the same effect as the materials mentioned above, however, with a lot of quality and hygiene practicality.

You can also use ceramic as rustic interior flooring and transform the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Tips for choosing the right floor for each environment

Check out some foolproof tips for not making a mistake when choosing rustic and outdoor floors and get inspired by breathtaking projects.

Rustic flooring for backyard

Rustic backyard flooring needs to have the following characteristics: be resistant to friction and weather changes (constant sun and rain), non-slip and cannot heat up on sunny days.

In fact, these characteristics apply to any outdoor space in addition to the backyard. Swimming pool, garden, hallway and even the garage floor.

Use stones and brick floors to decorate your space and ensure a super rustic effect. But if the idea is to have practicality, you already know: the best thing is to use ceramic as a rustic floor for the backyard.

Rustic floor for kitchen

The kitchen needs to be practical and beautiful. Rustic kitchen flooring has to be water resistant, as you will need to wash it to degrease, and beautiful.

Rustic kitchen flooring is usually made of ceramic and porcelain tiles, but you can also use burnt cement or vinyl flooring to have a woody effect in the rustic kitchen.

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Rustic floor for living room

Rustic living room flooring does not need to be resistant to moisture, but it is important that it is practical to clean on a daily basis.

You can use as rustic flooring for living room:

  • natural stones
  • Wood, especially hardwood floors
  • Burnt cement
  • Porcelain and ceramics

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