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Rustic wallpaper: 36 Ideas to transform amazingly your decor

by Eva

Rustic wallpaper: 36 Ideas to transform amazingly your decor

The rustic decor is known for using materials from the old times and countryside in different design elements. Currently, the most practical and economical way to achieve the effect of these rustic materials on the decoration is through rustic wallpaper. The rustic wallpaper can imitate wood, concrete, brick or natural stones. The ideal is that you choose the material that harmonizes with the furniture and ornaments of your environment. So, check out our tips for choosing the best rustic wallpaper for your decor and get inspired by the examples we’ve selected.

The wallpaper can imitate different materials to highlight the rustic style in your decor. Rustic wood wallpaper, for example, is beautiful for lining the dining room wall, creating a pleasant environment for receiving friends and guests at home. Discover below the most beautiful models of rustic wallpaper and choose your favorite to decorate each room in style.

Rustic wood wallpaper

Wood is the best material to highlight the rustic style in any room in the house. As there is a wide variety of colors of rustic wood wallpaper, it is also possible to use them in classic and sophisticated decorations. Just choose the lighter shades with less texture.

Rustic brick wallpaper

The rustic brick wallpaper is another model that makes all the difference in rustic environments and with an industrial touch. Choose only one wall of the room to install the rustic brick wallpaper, because what makes this covering so charming is the composition of the space, such as different colors and style of furniture. Prefer to install the rustic bedroom wallpaper on the bed wall, already in the living room, it pays to highlight the sofa wall – in this way, the sofa, armchairs and shelves can highlight the rustic and charming style in the environment.

Rustic white brick wallpaper

If you like the brick effect but prefer a more subtle decoration, we recommend the rustic white brick wallpaper. Because it is made of a neutral color, you can abuse the colors in the decoration, such as using a sofa in coral color or wine color. Tones that draw attention and attract good energy to the environment! The tip is to use beautiful wooden furniture or retro style to highlight the effect of the rustic white brick wallpaper.

Rustic 3d wallpaper

Wood and other types of natural stones are very expensive coatings to use in the project. The solution to achieve a similar effect to them in the decoration is to use the rustic 3D wallpaper. As we indicated for other models, prefer to use the rustic 3D wallpaper highlighted in the environment. The rustic wood 3d wallpaper is perfect for use in the dining room and living room. It is a super cozy environment and no one says it is a wallpaper in the room, it looks so much like wood.

Rustic concrete wallpaper

Rustic concrete wallpaper is not a favorite but is gaining a special place in modern designs. This is because the effect of concrete is perfect for industrial environments. In addition, rustic concrete wallpaper can be used with other types of coverings to cause an even more surprising effect, such as wood and natural stones. The trick to not make a mistake in decorating with rustic concrete wallpaper is to decorate the ornaments, such as plants and flowers, and use black iron furniture. This helps to highlight the effect of the concrete. It is worth it.

Rustic stone wallpaper

Natural stones, such as canjiquinha stone and ferro stone, are beautiful to use in rustic decoration. However, as we have already informed, they are expensive coatings to use in the project. The solution is to invest in rustic stone wallpaper. You find beautiful models in 3D or plain, just with the effect of the stone on the wall.

More ideas for great rustic wallpaper inspiration in the following images




































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