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Ranunculus a beautiful flower for intense color in gardens, yards and balconies

by Eva

Ranunculus a beautiful flower for intense color in gardens, yards and balconies

Ranunculus one of the the most impressive spring flowers in pots, flower beds and vases, from March until the intense heat of summer, Ranunculus will stay in bloom and will fill your garden or balcony with … spring and color.

After lightly wetting the bulbs / tubers, plant in the Autumn together with all the spring seasonal ones, in pots or directly in the soil, after mixing it with a small amount of fertilizer, at a depth of no more than 2-3 cm and at a distance of 10- 15 cm.

Choose places with plenty of sun but protected from heavy rain.

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Watering during flowering should be so frequent that the soil never dries out completely, but as with all plants exposed to direct sunlight, the soil may give you the impression of being dry but at the roots of the plant to be still moist. This is why it is often checked by dipping a stick in the soil if they really need watering, the right amount of water is the most important care for Ranunculus. Reduce watering if you notice dry, yellowed and “withered” leaves, as long as you are sure that they do not come from “thirst”.

A liquid fertilizer throughout the flowering period 1-2 times a month and cutting the dry leaves and stems with the already large flowers as often as possible, will strengthen the plants and will give you more and bigger flowers.

After the end of flowering, continue watering normally until the plants are completely dry, around June-July, then completely cut all the shoots and “forget” the bulbs / tubers in the soil until next spring when you will see them sprout again. You can also uproot the bulbs and after carefully cleaning them from the soil, store them in paper bags, to plant them again next year.

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If you did not manage to plant Ranunculus in the fall, from the end of February you will find in the nurseries ready small plants in a very wide variety of colors (red, burgundy, orange, yellow, fuchsia, pink, purple, white) and at low prices, it is from the most economical flowers.

Combine plants of different shades in a flowerbed, or plant them in a large planter, their colorful image as they grow and bloom is really impressive. But also in the vases they are very beautiful, you do not even need many, even 3-4 shoots that you will cut while their buds are still small, to keep them in the water as much as possible, they are enough to … smell the house in spring or combine Ranunculus with other spring flowers in colorful bouquets.

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