Home Garden How to make an eyecatching garden edging? 32 inspiring ideas

How to make an eyecatching garden edging? 32 inspiring ideas

by Eva

How to make an eyecatching garden edging? 32 inspiring ideas

The exterior of the house is treated with as much attention as the interior. And to give shine to the outdoors, there’s nothing like betting on beautiful garden borders. How to make them? Whether you want to bring color to it, protect yourself from overlooked, dress up a sad facade or, quite simply, arrange your exterior so that it is as practical as it is pleasant to live in, all the reasons are valid. Here are 32 inspirations for trendy house borders that will make you want to take up gardening! Between DIY tips and inspirations around the plants to favor, these paths decorate and structure the exterior with style. What create the perfect flowerboarders and flowerbeds around the house.

How to boost your garden design with gravel: Paths, decorations and many creative ideas

A garden border allows you to order and delimit your home while giving it style. Because taking care of the surroundings of your home is also important to feel good there. A paved path, a lined path, a flower bed… are all welcome signs on arrival. Take the example of Mediterranean homes that opt ​​for colorful climbing plants or cacti, these plants set the tone as soon as you enter the gate. To create a cheerful and warm atmosphere in the garden, the varieties of flowers, plants and shrubs are unparalleled. But it doesn’t stop at vegetation. The materials are also to be taken into account: stones, pebble, brick, gravel, terracotta… Depending on the region where you live, remember to choose the appropriate materials and colors to create your garden border. With wooden planks or metal slats, it is thus possible to create a raised bed that structures the outdoor space. Here are 32 ideas for original house borders, simple to reproduce at home and inexpensive.































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