Home Decoration ideas Make a tulip arrangement yourself: an easy way to stage the spring flowers on the Easter table

Make a tulip arrangement yourself: an easy way to stage the spring flowers on the Easter table

by Eva

Make a tulip arrangement yourself: an easy way to stage the spring flowers on the Easter table

No other flower cuts such a fabulous figure on the Easter table as the tulip. Stylishly arranged in a vase, individually draped on the table or tied into a bouquet: the herald of spring can be staged in many ways. We have already shown you various ideas how you can make a spring decoration with tulips yourself. In today’s article we will explain to you how you can make a spring-like tulip arrangement yourself.

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Since it was brought to Europe, the tulip has been one of the most popular spring flowers. It not only adorns the garden and balcony at home, but also looks great as a cut flower on the Easter table. So that you can really enjoy an arrangement with tulips for a long time, you should only choose fresh flowers. You can recognize fresh tulips by their firm stems and leaves. It is best to buy the flowers from a specialized flower shop or garden center. Cut flowers from the supermarket tend to wither faster.


If you already have tulips in your own garden, then wait until the flowers turn the right color. Green flowers are too immature and will wither more quickly. After you bring the flowers home, you should cut the stems crosswise with a sharp knife. This ensures that the channels are not damaged and the flowers are supplied with water. The next step is to make the flower arrangement. In the article we give you several ideas on how you can conjure up an effective spring decoration.

If you’ve already made the floral arrangement, then where should you flaunt it? Choose a room that is not too warm. The dining room, which is only heated during meals, has proven to be ideal. The tulip arrangement should stand at a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius overnight.

30+Eye-catching tulips decoration ideas for bring spring in your house

There is a wide variety of tulips available these days. They are available in all colors of the rainbow and in different shapes. The simple early tulips are considered true classics, while the Crispa tulips are characterized by their unusual shape and color gradients. In the next arrangement, the simple early tulips of the “Apricot Beauty” variety are combined with Crispa tulips of the “Lambada” variety. The two varieties get along very well and form an attractive ensemble. To make the tulip arrangement yourself, you need a white cabbage head, a knife and a green flower sponge from the flower shop.

In following images you can find many inspiration ideas for an easy way to stage the spring flowers on the Easter table.














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