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20+Insping ways to hang pots on walls

by Eva

Utilizing the walls in balconiesyards or garden to place pots, besides the ideal solution for small outdoors is at the same time a choice that will aesthetically work very nicely by visually filling your balcony, yard or garden with green flowers far above that when your pots are located on the floor.

In gardening stores you will find both the special “half” pots that are adjoining the wall and various types of support systems to place concentrated pots in the same place, but depending on your available space and how you prefer more wall mounts pots can be created in a variety of ways, such as simple wood-planks – pallets – reed, simple shelves, wooden tops.

How to make a lovely and playful DIY wooden crate pot

Plants that shoot down their shoots like shells, storks, ferns, creepers you can prune-point wherever you want, species like succulents growing without any problem even in very small planting pots are some of the most suitable choices for small or larger pots, although there is no limitation in theory, any plant that you would put on a pot on the floor can be placed on the wall.

For high highlights, you prefer items that do not need daily watering, and the most practical way to make watering, especially for wall pots in balconies, is to place the pots in a pot but which will not touch the bottom of the pot so that the roots of the plants not lying permanently in the water.

So don’t waste more time…find optical inspiration in following images.

hang pots on walls1 hang pots on walls2 hang pots on walls3 hang pots on walls4 hang pots on walls5 hang pots on walls6 hang pots on walls7 hang pots on walls8 hang pots on walls9 hang pots on walls10 hang pots on walls11

Insping ways to hang pots on walls

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