Home Decoration ideas 10 Fantastic pebble hangers

10 Fantastic pebble hangers

by Eva

10 Fantastic pebble hangers

Pebbles are excellent material for construction and special creations. If so combined with various materials and acquire besides decorative and practical role they can take off. A piece of wood, painted pebbles , strong glue and hooks hanger, and you can make small works of art for your home or to give away to your favorite people.
Here are some very beautiful ideas to make your own hangers from pebbles.

pebble hangers1


pebble hangers2

source pebble hangers3

sourcepebble hangers4

pebble hangers5

sourcepebble hangers6

sourcepebble hangers7

sourcepebble hangers8

sourcepebble hangers9source

pebble hangers10source

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