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Fun decoration with Cushions: 35 beautiful and creative ideas to brighten your decor

by Eva

Fun decoration with Cushions: 35 beautiful and creative ideas to brighten your decor

Mixing colors, unusual shapes, and funny phrases are the main features of fun pillows.

Their function is exactly that: to brighten the environment with a lot of creativity and comfort.

If you are thinking of decorating with decorative and fun pillows, then be sure to check out our tips. Here, we will explain how to choose the best models, tips for including them in different decorative styles, and much more. Check out!

Fun pillow models

Fun pillows can be made from different materials and shapes. Some even imitate foods, such as donuts, ice cream, and hamburgers, amazing right?!

But there are several models of fun pillows to use in your decor.

Check out the models of fun pillows to use in your dream decor. Get inspired!

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Cushions with fun phrases

Having pillows with fun phrases is the guarantee that anyone will smile when entering the living room or bedroom.

It doesn’t need to be complete sentences or jokes, the simplest models are the ones that attract the most attention, like “King of the sofa”.

It is also worth putting other models of colorful pillows with fun phrases, to make the sofa cozier.

Children’s fun pillows

Children love children’s fun pillows, that’s because the bedroom and living room are much happier.

In safari-themed rooms, it’s worth using fun children’s pillows with animal faces or imitating larger plush toys. Fill the bed or the crib, so the decor is much more dynamic.

Another way to insert fun pillows into children’s decor is to use your children’s favorite themes. Those who love planets and astronauts, for example, can have pillows of different sizes and colors to match the theme.

Fun patterned pillows

Mixing prints and colors is also a way to innovate fun pillow covers. But, although it seems to be easy, you have to think about what colors and prints you intend to mix, so you guarantee a harmonious environment.

Think of a color palette to buy fun prints and pillow covers, so it’s easier when composing your decor.

Another fun way to customize fun pillow covers is to put on cute, colorful pompoms. You can buy a simple pattern and make various embroidery and appliqués. Use your creativity.

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Fun crochet pillow

You can make yourself a fun pillow for crochet or any other type of craft. It’s easier than you think.

The advantage of making a fun pillow is that you can innovate its shape and size. Fruit prints, food formats, and even plants are the most beautiful to make. Take care of the colors and bring joy to your space!

In the round pillow post, we teach you an easy trick to make a beautiful pillow. In crochet for beginners, you can check the main points to start following graphics and making beautiful pieces for your decoration. Then check it out there!

Define a theme

Decor with fun pillows can follow a theme. It can be one that you like a lot, like a movie-inspired one, or a color palette.

It is important that every detail of your decor conveys a piece of your personality. The house is your refuge, it needs to represent you in every corner, so choose themes that you like and identify with.

If you need more optical inspiration for fun decoration with Cushions just check the images below.































Images via: Pinterest

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