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Lily of the valley: A small but strong plant for your pot or garden

by Eva

Lily of the valley: A small but strong plant for your pot or garden

The lily of the valley has small bell-shaped white flowers that bloom in the spring and has a neat atmosphere. It is a popular flower that you can plant in the garden or in a pot to enjoy gardening, or even give a bouquet as a gift. In this article, we will introduce a wide range of characteristics, basic information, types, how to grow, and things to be careful about when handling the lily of the valley.

Let’s introduce basic information such as the characteristics and life cycle of the lily of the valley, which is attractive for its small flowers that bloom in the spring.

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The appearance of the lily of the valley

The lily of the valley has a small plant height of about 15 to 20 cm, but it can grow to a large plant of about 50 cm depending on the environment. White bell-shaped flowers are lined up at the end of the flower stalk. One flower is small and pretty, less than 1 cm, but the flower stalk has about 10 flowers, and it has a neat and gorgeous character. White is the most popular flower color, but pink varieties are also available.

Features of lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a perennial plant belonging to the genus Lily in the Asparagus family. Origin is Europe, East Asia, North Asia. While vulnerable to the heat of summer, it is extremely resistant to the cold, making it a representative flower.

The life cycle of the lily of the valley is as follows. The shoots start to move around April, the leaves expand, and they bloom from April to May. It bears red fruits around June. The leaves are spread as they are and lush until autumn, but in late autumn the above-ground parts wither and dormant. However, do not dig up and throw it away as it is considered dead. After winter, it will sprout again in spring and enter the growing season. Once planted in this way, it is a plant with excellent cost performance that makes it enjoyable to bloom every year.

One thing to note is that the lily of the valley contains poison in the whole plant. Details will be given in a later section, but please handle with care. It also has the advantage of being less susceptible to pests because it has poison.

How to grow lily of the valley?

From here, as a practical edition, I will explain how to grow. We will delve into details such as suitable environment, planting method, daily management such as watering and fertilizer application.

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Ground planting

Lily of the valley prefers a sunny and well-ventilated place. It doesn’t like the heat of midsummer, so I recommend the feet of deciduous trees that are sunny in winter and half-shaded from early summer.  It is resistant to the cold and can be overwintered as it is planted in the ground. Lily of the valley also dislikes high humidity and prefers well-drained soil. When planting, pour organic materials such as humus and compost into the soil to create a fluffy soil, and then fill it up a little.

Potted plant

Basically, manage it in a sunny and well-ventilated place. However, it is vulnerable to the heat of summer, so move to a cool place in the half shade in midsummer. On the other hand, it is resistant to the cold, so no special measures are required to protect it from the cold. It is convenient to use potting compost blended for flowers.

The best time to plant lily of the valley is in March or from November to early December. If you buy a flowering plant at a flower seedling shop, plant it in the place you want to plant as soon as possible. Dig a hole one or two times larger than the rooting pot of the seedling you obtained and plant it in the place where you made the soil. When planting multiple plants, leave a space of about 20 cm. Finally, let’s water it well.

After planting, water it when it is dry until it takes root and the foliage grows steadily. After rooting, water comes up from below in the case of land planting, so it is almost unnecessary. However, if the weather continues to be fine and dry, water it to make up for it. In midsummer, if you water in the daytime, the temperature of the water will rise and it will soon become hot water, so it is important to give it in the cool hours of the morning or evening.

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Lily of the valley is a long-lived plant that blooms every year once planted, so supplement with fertilizer to keep the plant-strong. For both ground planting and pot planting, the optimum time is from March to early April before the shoots sprout, and around June after flowering.

Replant once every 1 to 2 years. If the roots stick out from the bottom of the pot and become clogged, and the growth is slowing down, replant. Take the plant out of the pot, loosen the roots, and replant it in a large pot 1-2 times. If you don’t want to make a large plant, it is a good idea to “divide the plant” by sprouting 4 to 5 buds and replanting it in several pots.

The lily of the valley is very popular because the flowers that show up in early spring are pretty. It is a plant that is resistant to pests and is easy to grow even for beginners in gardening. The key point is that it is vulnerable to heat, but as long as it can be passed through the summer, it will have strong vitality and will increase frequency, and will bloom every year. Why don’t you enjoy the lily of the valley by welcoming you to the pots in the garden or balcony?

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