Home Decoration ideas DIY stone pictures – 20 inspiration ideas to imitate

DIY stone pictures – 20 inspiration ideas to imitate

by Eva

DIY stone pictures – 20 inspiration ideas to imitate

In recent years, and especially in Corona times, stone painting, mosaic and stone carving have gained extreme popularity. They are a popular, but also productive and creative pastime for both experienced craftsmen and children who are just getting to know the extensive world of handicrafts. No wonder either! What can not be loved about this amazing hobby and art form at the same time? Tinkering with stones is unique, easy and fun for everyone. Your creative possibilities are almost unlimited and you only use materials from nature. In the next few lines of today’s article, we will show you how you can make your own stone pictures with ordinary pebbles. Let the attached photos inspire you and then create your unique work of art.

DIY stone painting – can reduce stress and decorate your home and garden

As mentioned above, there are no limits to your creativity when making stone pictures. Your creative possibilities are practically endless. You can take a minimalist family portrait, create beautiful landscapes, recreate scenes from a favorite movie, video game or book, etc. Your stone painting can be made as abstract or realistic, as simple or complex as you want or can. You can color the pebbles, paint a background, add sea glass, seashells, twigs, dried flowers, moss, and much more.

Most of your craft materials can be found right in your garden, on the beach, in the park or forest. If it is forbidden to take pebbles or shells from nature home with you, you can easily buy them in online shops or in the nearest handicraft shop.

The ultimate guide for DIY rock painting and craft ideas




















Images via: Pinterest

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