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Diy Cactus from stones

by Decorator

Diy Cactus from stones1

You can not call yourself a true fan of indoor plants, but it still lacks the refreshing green on the windowsill? There is a wonderful alternative solution, which will be discussed in this article.

This article has prepared for you a great master class on making an unusual, but very beautiful decorative composition, which will be a great decoration for your home interior, and may be a wonderful gift.

So, we present to your attention the most unpretentious and does not require maintenance houseplant – Cactus from stones.

Once and never guess that these charming green prickly plants are not sentient. It’s great, Do not you think?

For the manufacture cactus from stones, you will need the following materials:

– Large smooth stones (ideal option would be sea pebbles)

– acrylic paints;

– flower pot;

– Brush.

Try to take away the stones that their form will be most similar to cactus. Before painting the stones should be well washed and dried.

Cover the stones with green paint. You can then apply and subsequent layers of paint only other shades of green, cactus to have a realistic view. Draw needles or yellowish white acrylic paint. The needles may be in the form of strips, dots or crosses.

Check following images and get inspired.

Diy Cactus from stones2

Diy Cactus from stones3

Diy Cactus from stones4

Diy Cactus from stones5

Diy Cactus from stones6

Diy Cactus from stones7

Diy Cactus from stones8

Diy Cactus from stones9

Diy Cactus from stones10

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