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Unique ideas for DIY tables – garden benches

by Eva

Unique ideas for DIY tables – garden benches

The dimensions and shape of such a bench certainly depend on both your degree of gardening and your generally available space, and any proposal, especially if it is a construction from scratch and not an old piece of furniture, can be adapted accordingly.
The most practical type of construction for this specific use is the garden tables – benches divided in height into 2-3 parts for storing tools – materials while the upper central surface is used for any kind of work.

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To make this point functional and decorative in your garden, yard or terrace, place on such a table a countertop and some antique gardening items that will be useful at the same time, for example old metal watering cans, clay pots with seeds or small plants until transplant into larger pots, a wicker basket with your gardening tools, etc.

An old wooden table, no matter how worn it is, can be wonderfully turned into a gardening bench and if you need or want to give it a more intense old look, nail simple wooden boards or pallet wood to its central surface.
Also with boards or pallet wood, wooden crates, plank shelves or a wooden crate can additionally create a “shelf” that you will place on the back of the table, thus increasing the storage space of the furniture while at the same time aesthetically the … corner Your gardening will acquire a more interesting form.

Having such a small space in yards and gardens, if you are engaged in gardening, is the most practical way to keep old pots that you want to paint at some point or a permanent small bed with seasonal plants, etc. activities. which really if we don’t have the right space just … we never do them or we constantly postpone them as much as we like.

Pallets are the most economical and durable type of wood for such constructions and if you pass them once a year with an impregnation varnish, they will be kept in very good condition for many years, even if the table-bench you create with them is in not fully protected from rainwater.

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With a few pallets that you can find even completely free of charge from stores that use them to transport their goods and adding in some places simple boards, pieces of wood cut from old furniture, etc. can be created really great aesthetics and very functional constructions for your garden, if you design them according to your needs.

The “Garden” is, in general, one of the most relaxing and beneficial activities mentally and physically, so if your home has the right outdoor space, it is really worth devoting time and … imagination to beautify it in simple ways, and materials as natural as anything wooden and together with the trees and flowers to create your little green … paradise.











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