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How to Use Curtains & Decor to Create a Dark, Comfortable Space to Unwind

by Eva

How to Use Curtains & Decor to Create a Dark, Comfortable Space to Unwind

Winter is currently in full throttle in Australia, and as the temperatures dip, we bid goodbye to light and airy interior design and welcome those dark and moody vibes that keep us feeling cozy and warm throughout the colder months. Many people get a little confused when it comes to dark interior spaces — after all, the line between a gothic “Addams Family” home and a dark and yet modern and fresh interior is…well, really quite thin. If you find yourself in such a predicament, we’ve got you covered. Today, we have a look at how to use curtains and decor to create a dark and comfy space to unwind, so read on to find out more!

Curtain Call

The first step in transforming your room or space into a dark and moody personal haven is to pay close attention to your window treatment. One automatically thinks of the color black as soon as you hear the terms “dark” and “moody”, and while black is a totally groovy option for your curtains, you could also consider shades such as grey, maroon, and navy that add a little twist to the conventional idea of dark interior decor. Aside from looking super cool, dark curtains also have the ability to block out light for when you want to enjoy a cuddle over your favorite movie with a loved one, with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand and a fluffy throw pillow in the other.


Match Your Furniture

Now, if you have the luxury replacing all your furniture with new items, more power to you. However, most of us would rather save our pennies which is why we recommend giving your furniture a ‘gothic’ makeover with the help of sofa covers, new bedding, and cushion covers that won’t cost you a small fortune and give you the option of switching over to a lighter schematic come Spring or Summer. Again, similar to the curtains, you don’t have to just stick to blacks or greys – experiment with options such as dark purples, blues, and deep browns to really give your space some character.

Lighting Is Key

It may seem contradictory to talk about light in an article about creating the perfect dark and comfy space, but sitting in a room without any lights whatsoever is less than comfortable and definitely not functional. Lighting is one of the biggest and most important components of creating a moody ambiance, and options such as lamp lighting dotted around the room or dimmable swivel LED lights to allow you to control the intensity and direction of your light. If budget permits, an electric fireplace is also a fantastic addition to lounge rooms to keep you warm and fuzzy at all times.

Dark Accessory Necessity 

Pardon the Red Hot Chilli Peppers pun, but when it comes to accessories, this is your time to shine. The great thing about accessorizing your home is that it is often inexpensive and a great way to really amp up the mood and ambiance you’re going for. In this case, since we’re looking at creating a dark and comfy space to unwind, we recommend picking up some candles, a faux fur throw, and other little bits and pieces that accentuate the overall aesthetic of your room. You don’t even have to go far — shops such as Ikea, K-Mart, or Big W often carry a wide range of home accessories at an incredibly affordable price. If you find something you like that doesn’t seem to fit into your dark theme, you could always gear yourself up for a DIY spray paint job that is sure to do the trick!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall 

Last but not least, adding some depth to your room with the help of a mirror is essential. With so much dark going around, it is important that your room doesn’t slip into a black void, which is why the addition of a few carefully positioned mirrors will really complete the ambiance you are going for. Not only do mirrors add depth to a room, but they also provide a reflective quality that brightens up your space. I know what you’re thinking – we’re talking about brightening a dark space again? Well, believe me when I say that as counterintuitive as this sounds, the added depth and dimension actually heightens that moody aesthetic you’re going for.


So, are you ready to inject some magnificent melancholy into your home? It isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it seems. We hope you found a little inspiration in today’s article and feel free to let us know what your perfect idea of a dark and comfortable space is — we can’t wait to hear some of your amazing ideas. Happy designing, take care, and stay safe!

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