Home Decoration ideas 7 Essential Factors to Know When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

7 Essential Factors to Know When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

by Eva

7 Essential Factors to Know When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

Now that you have renovated your home, the kitchen fittings are perfect, and the furniture is in place. One interior décor element that will complement your home immensely is the drapery. Also known as curtains, homeowners with a sense of style understand drapery’s significance to any living space. Curtains can alter a room’s tone and radiate a particular mood that aligns with the interior décor. 

When it comes to choosing drapery for your home, there are endless options. The market is awash with numerous types of curtains to meet the different needs and tastes of homeowners. You can go for opaque or light fabrics, ornamental or plain, printed or solid colors, among many other choices. 

Getting the perfect drapery can be quite confusing with numerous selections in the market. Below are pointers to guide you in selecting the perfect drapery for your home.

  • Type of Fabric

The market has a variety of curtains in different fabrics. When purchasing curtains, it is essential to consider the type of fabric. Whether you want a light cotton material or a heavy fabric depends entirely on what you want to achieve. If you are interested in privacy and light control, you can go for the heavy velvet fabric. In contrast, sheer curtains look good in small rooms. 

Ultimately, materials impact the overall curtain outlook. Thus, you have to pick a suitable fabric that will match your home’s style and mood.

  • Colour Choice

Consider the color of your curtains and if they will match the interior furnishings for an elegant look. One interior hack is to select curtains that contrast or complement the walls or specific house furniture or accessories. For instance, the curtain can match the carpet and sofa throw pillows. Or you can choose a curtain with solid accent color interchanging with printed colors that complement the interior décor style. 

You can consult an interior decorator for advice if you are stuck on choosing the perfect colors that blend with your home décor. 

  • Prints and Solids

Picking printed and solid-colored curtains will make your home elegant and vibrant. However, you must consider the interior décor when going for this option. For instance, it is wise to pick a printed curtain if you have a solid-colored sofa. The opposite will also work perfectly. Therefore, ensure you are specific when pairing prints and solids. 

You can research interior décor ideas for matching combinations and transform your living space with beautiful drapery. 

  • Curtain Length 

Floor level curtains are currently an interior décor trend since they give an impression of high walls. You can also extend the length and achieve a dramatic style. However, curtain length usually depends on an individual’s tastes and preferences. 

Homeowners with kids might opt for curtains that are slightly above the floor to prevent tripping accidents while others might prefer short window sill curtains. It is essential to choose the curtain length that meets your personal and interior décor needs. 

  • Curtain Width 

Ideally, the curtain width usually depends on the size of the windowpane. To achieve the desired look with appealing gathers, you can add extra meters to the main measurement. Well-gathered curtains give your home a stylish look, especially when you draw the curtains. 

  • Accessories and Trims

Curtain accessories are essential in adding an elegant statement to your home décor. Whether you want to draw up the curtain or tone it down, these accessories are quite stylish. You can choose a fabric pull-up or a fixed ornamental track; whatever your choice, you can never go wrong with the curtain accessories. The valance fabric on top of the curtained window adds opulence to your living spaces.

However, if you want a minimalistic décor, you can opt for a non-dramatic pull-up without any ornamental trims. It will still make your room classy and sleek, depending on your décor needs.

  • Curtain Maintenance 

It is imperative to consider the maintenance of the drapery you want to install in your home. How many times should you wash the curtains, and can they be machine-washed? Find out the maintenance of the curtain fabrics before buying. 

Low-maintenance fabrics are synthetic and cotton materials that don’t require regular washing. You can use a washing machine or a hand wash if the curtain has additional lining. Conversely, high-maintenance fabrics have to be dry cleaned to maintain the pleats or stylish gathers.

Drapery adds interior glamour to your home; thus, you need to consider specific pointers to help you choose perfect curtains. Remember, coordinate your interior furnishings with the curtains to achieve a desired and elegant look.

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