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How to make a scarecrow for the garden: 33 interesting protection and decoration ideas

by Eva

How to make a scarecrow for the garden: 33 interesting protection and decoration ideas

As long as there are gardens and orchards, there are birds and hares trying to eat your crop. And over the centuries, gardeners have found original ways to scare thieves. Today, scarecrows are used not only as “scarecrows” but also as a decoration for the garden. But do they really work?

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From the ancient Greek wooden sculptures that were placed around the garden, the scarecrows were always known forms in gardens, orchards, and vineyards. And in some cultures, scarecrows were actually living people who were hired to scare birds.

In modern gardens, we often see the typical human-shaped scarecrow, possibly accompanied by various rubber snakes, owls, and foxes. Since these garden forms do not really harm birds and animals, they are popular in areas where the idea is to keep birds away from the crop while at the same time allowing them to eat insects and larvae in the rest of the area.

Change is the key to scarecrow effectiveness

Hares, foxes, birds – anyone who can attract your crop is careful but easily adaptable. They will stay away from anything that seems suspicious or inappropriate, but if they see it for a long time, they will get used to it and, in the end, you will find that they will pay attention to something that should scare them.

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A common scarecrow that is placed in your garden and left alone will probably only be effective for a few days. In order for it to work, constant changes are required. You can do this like this:

  • Occasionally move the scarecrow to a different location in the garden.
  • Attach reflective or noisy accessories to the scarecrow.
  • Change the scarecrow’s clothing from time to time.

How to make a scarecrow

You can make a simple human-shaped scarecrow out of the old clothes that are probably in your home.

  • Base or frame: The most commonly used is a wooden T or a cross stuck to the ground. Just tie or twist two pieces of wood, pipes, or straight branches of large plants. Make the vertical section the same height as you, and the horizontal section at shoulder level at least the same length as the sleeves of the shirt the scarecrow will wear.

Pieces of wood branches transforming into a stunning DIY decoration for the garden

  • Clothes: Put the frame on the old clothes you have. Use hot glue, pins, or just a needle to hold the clothes. Plaid shirts and coveralls are popular choices, but be creative if you want a scarecrow to illuminate and decorate your garden. Add gloves, shoes, a bandana, a hat, or whatever. Loose clothing or scarves will add movement and scare small birds.
  • Filling: It is not necessary to fill the scarecrow, but if the volume is necessary, you can use old rags, straw, leaves, or even newspapers.
  • Accessories: add old CDs or foil strips, mirrors can be tied to a scarecrow to shine in the sun. The melodies of the wind, the bells, the spoons ring and turn perfectly in the air. Strollers, bicycles, gardening tools, hay balls, and other accessories can also be added and removed.






























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