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Wonderful flowerbed ideas for your garden

by Eva

Trying to shape your garden in a way that you can make the most of the available space and by “distributing” the plants and the … colors so that you can create a truly beautiful picture and before answering the question ” what kind of plants? ” you have to decide “at what points” and with “what order”.

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Whether you will create your flower beds perimeter and near the gardens or “free” in the garden area, whether you will define them and how and material or plant so that the planted areas are a continuation of the corridors between them without anything if you create them on the ground or elevated, what additional decorative / special items you will use etc, are options that will determine the successful image of your garden and the exploitation of all the spaces more than the species and the colors of the plants and flowers you choose and above all are elements that after their initial formation are much harder to change in relation to the ability to change plants afterwards.

So, looking for ideas on how how to make your flower beds in general, do not … scare off the “sizes” of some suggestions, wherever you come across, apply any solution you like to “miniature” depending on your own space and without forgetting that a small-sized garden / yard has a greater need than an elementary organization-delimitation per area, even very small, with everything that will make it (flowers, trees, vegetables, especially decorative items etc.) by one instead an inexpensive exterior space, otherwise the result is the same as that of a small room, the more messy the more crowded and the smaller it looks like.

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  • Points near to fence-pens are ideal for placing tall or climbing plants, especially if you want to … hide loose piles, walls.
  • Orient and plan the planted spots in a way that you can see and enjoy your flowers from the point where you usually sit and not with the main goal of looking out of the house and admiring the … passers-by
  • In flower beds with exclusively low plants add height with some tall planting pots that can also use pots to place seasonal items.
  • The ready low-fence-fence for flower beds that you will find in shops with garden items is the simplest solution to delineate small flower beds.
  • Stones and pebbles are also amongst the materials that either for delimitation or for the creation of flower beds offer a particularly elegant effect.
  • The more or less raised flower beds, small rock gardens, etc. are very beautiful elements that can be added even in small gardens.
  • For cottages homes that are inhabited for a few days or if you do not have the time to take care of the garden, choose mainly shrubs, small trees, succulents and cacti.


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