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How to choose the best and most delicious watermelon

by Eva

How to choose the best and most delicious watermelon

Watermelon, the summer fruit with the wonderful refreshing taste that we all love! The difference between a perfect watermelon and a medium one can be judged in detail. This is because watermelon cultivation has some peculiarities. Many amateur growers plant watermelon in the garden and find it difficult to tell when it is the right time to harvest it.

We all know that if we cut the watermelons early and they are not fully ripe, their taste is not so sweet. On the contrary, if we let them mature more, they can become overripe and soft, losing their crunchy and juicy texture.

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The problem of choosing watermelon remains when we buy watermelon from the fruit market of our neighborhood, the popular market, and the supermarket. Most of the time we find it difficult to distinguish the good watermelon, as a result of which we shop based on the size or trusting the experience of the store manager. In today’s article we analyze the ripening stages of watermelon during cultivation, what is the right time to cut it, as well as what we pay attention to when buying watermelon from the fruit stand, to enjoy the best and most delicious watermelons each time.

What is the right time to harvest watermelon?

There are 3 steps to check that the watermelon is ripening properly so that we can distinguish when it is rich in natural sugars and full of flavor

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1. Check the propeller of the watermelon

Watermelons have a propeller that develops close to the stalk. As the watermelon plant grows, the helix is initially green. Gradually the propeller turns brown and dries. When the propeller is dry, it is a sign that sugars are starting to form and the watermelon is sweetening.

2. Observe the yellowing at the bottom of the watermelon

Turn the watermelon upside down, taking care not to cut the pod from the plant and see if the white surface where it comes in contact with the ground turns yellow. If the watermelon is still green, it means that it remains unripe. Yellowing at the bottom of the watermelon is the main criterion for watermelon ripening.

3. Tap the watermelon to hear its sound

We tap the watermelons with our fingers listening to the depth of the sound produced. Experienced watermelon growers can distinguish the ripe watermelon if the sound is deep enough and dull. If the watermelon does not have a “full” sound, it means that it remains unripe and needs a few days to ripen before being cut.

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How do we choose the best watermelons in the fruit market?

Choosing watermelon when shopping is an important decision, as after harvest, watermelons, unlike melons, do not ripen anymore. So to choose a ripe and sweet watermelon from the fruit market, we notice that it has a bright yellow color on the lower surface and we tap it with our fingers to hear how deep and hollow it makes a sound.

And one last secret for choosing a watermelon

Another indication that the watermelon has ripened properly is its weight in relation to its size. A ripe watermelon with the characteristic juicy and crunchy texture, when we lift it with our hands is much heavier than the unripe watermelon, as it contains a larger amount of water.



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