Home DIY Make mosaic decoration for the garden – 22 amazing ideas of what you can design

Make mosaic decoration for the garden – 22 amazing ideas of what you can design

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Make mosaic decoration for the garden – 22 amazing ideas of what you can design

If you are looking for creative decoration ideas for the garden that you can make yourself and that is also durable, you will make the right choice with mosaic. The mosaic stones are perfect for handicrafts is because you can use them to design a wide variety of areas, spice up furniture, and create pretty accents such as stepping stones. Would you also like to tinker with mosaics for the garden, take a look at our tips with the basics as well as the subsequent inspirations that you can imitate? Incidentally, Mosaic inspires children no less than adults, so that they can wonderfully join your project day and create their own creations.

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Making mosaic for the garden is easier than you might think. On the one hand, there are entire sets that are intended for specific things, for example for lanterns, coasters with shapes to fill, and others that also contain stones and everything else you need. You can also get the necessary materials individually and use household items as shapes (e.g. coasters for flower pots or shallow bowls). Instead of special mosaic stones, broken old tiles or glass stones can be used. Concrete is suitable for gluing, but also mosaic cement, which you mix according to the instructions on the package.

You can then let them completely folded design dry well, after which you can grout the mosaic. Use grout for this. Silicone glue can also be used to glue the stones if you only want to cover a surface with mosaic stones and do not want to pour new shapes and figures. It is best to seek advice on this from a handicraft or construction shop.

Now that you know what you need on the whole when you are making mosaic tinkering for the garden, you can almost get started. All you have to do is figure out what exactly you want to make. A few stepping stones that are also suitable for hanging in a small size? Or a beautifully decorated flower pot or side table? Here are a few mosaic tile ideas that you can imitate.

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Before you start making the mosaic for the garden, get your stones ready and start to come up with any design. To do this, arrange the stones on the plate and you can swap and replace and experiment as much as you like. Once you are happy with the design, you can use glue to fix the tesserae in place. Then let the glue dry. Then mix the concrete and spread it around the stones to hold them in place and create a level surface (don’t forget your gloves).

Try to create a smooth transition between the new concrete and the slab so that you don’t see that the mosaic was added later. When grouting you will, for better or worse, stain the mosaic, but that is not a bad thing. You can simply wipe them clean with the kitchen or toilet paper. Then moisten the prepared rag, place it over the plate and let the concrete dry. The dampness of the rag is supposed to prevent the concrete from drying too quickly and cracking. Finally, you can seal the design if you want.

If you need more inspiration on what you can do just check the following images
















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