Home Garden How To Grow The Best And Most Delicious Onions In Your Garden – Tips And Tricks

How To Grow The Best And Most Delicious Onions In Your Garden – Tips And Tricks

by Eva

How To Grow The Best And Most Delicious Onions In Your Garden – Tips And Tricks

Enjoy the best onions grown in your own garden with the help of useful tips and tricks in this article. A vegetable garden will not only offer you its own products but will also help you live a more active, healthier life. No matter how small the space is available, find some space to plant some vegetables.

If you do not have soil in your yard, only cement, you can choose raised vegetable flower beds. If you want to enjoy foods full of beneficial nutrients, such as onions, we help you with a number of useful tips.

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How to grow the best onions

The onions in the garden are grown from the beginning of spring after the danger of frost has passed. Do not worry if the weather is cool and rainy, it is important that temperatures do not fall below 0 degrees Celsius.

The first step is soiling preparation

First of all, it is important to prepare the ground. If you can, use a natural fertilizer of animal origin. We put it in the fall and part of it in the spring, after you start digging. If you choose fertilizers for commercial purposes, avoid this nitrogen-containing fertilizer.

Prepare the rows that should be about 2-3 cm deep and place them at a distance of 20 cm between them.

The next step is to grow onions

The chives you choose should be strong enough and not too big. Then carefully cover the rows and moisten everything with water. Use a sprayer to keep the soil moist.

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After preparing the soil and growing the onions, you need to take care of the crop. It is important to remove weeds, as they will predispose them to disease.

Caring for the crop is not difficult, but it must be free of weeds that affect the growth of onions. Also, water the crop only early in the morning or late at night to make sure it does not affect the vegetable.

As for the pests, if you always monitor the cultivation of onions, you can remove them manually, without resorting to chemical solutions. For example, beetles will appear in May. They can be easily removed by hand.

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If you want to make sure your onion grows healthy and grows well, you can also take precautionary measures. Buy specialty products and apply precautions to ensure you enjoy a healthy crop.








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