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Color stories by Benjamin Moore

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With the advent of Color Stories, a whole new chapter in paint color technology is being written. With an unprecedented array of truly unique hues to choose from, creating your own color story was never easier – or more exciting. Inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and pure imagination, each color tells its enticing tale. Now… create your own, personal color story.

Every Color Is Its Own Story

Why is Color Stories™ so extraordinary?

Two hundred forty, one-of-a-kind full spectrum colors have beenmeticulously handcrafted into an astonishing collection – a palette so vibrant and exquisite that each color is best appreciated once the paint is applied. Each creates depth, overtones, nuance and luminosity not found in ordinary paints. From natural morning light to artificial or indirect illumination, these colors take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day. Evoking emotions and feelings, each unique blend offers a story and a personality behind each hue.


You’ll never look at gray the same way again. This spectacular anthology of the understated side of the color palette possesses a surprising amount of nuance and life, due to the variety of brown, blue and green undertones it contains.

These neutrals form a plot that’s understatedly dynamic. Incorporating hints of greens, yellows and oranges, they offer depth and dimensionality, whether used alone or paired with colors from other Color Stories™ volumes.

Organic in nature, this soothing, rich palette spans a range that includes brown tones to rose hues, incorporating blushes of color that counterbalance deeper shades. The result is enchanting, especially when used in multiples in one room.

Like the layers of color in an evening sky, this palette creates a sensational narrative on the violet-purple theme. Ranging from deepest amethyst to a dream-like pale violet, a story unfolds that includes beautiful blue-tinted variations.

A volume full of refreshing sea-inspired shades, but the plot goes much deeper…. These hues were carefully chosen for their sense of movement, shifting fluidly through waves of gray-blues to aquas and into the deep.

Environmental essences combine to tell a fresh tale of nature – from spring’s yellow-greens to the blued grays of woodland shadows. Both soothing and invigorating, they work harmoniously together and are a natural choice for any room.

Inspired by nature’s heartland, these colors create a story woven with earthy shades, creamy tones and hints of green. Gold-kissed, each color offers a pleasant familiarity that will bring a sense of comfort and warmth to your home.

Bursting with energy, this group of sun-touched tints virtually radiates warmth to fill your rooms with a congenial glow. Carefully selected hues that are soft and subtle offer a neutral element that complements the more fiery reds and oranges, creating a harmonious balance.

You can view all this great collection and each color story in  Benjamin Moore  site

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