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Inspirations Color Collectives by Benjamin Moore

by Decorator

This collection of rich, harmonious paint colors is designed to make combining colors easy while helping you express your color vision with confidence. Color has the power to calm, comfort, energize and inspire. This color book with its elegant palettes will help you create a home with color. Each palette combination coordinates or contrasts beautifully. Begin by choosing a wall color, then work in the other colors through painted trim or furniture and accessories.

Whites and Tranquil

The perfect collection of white and tranquil colors, celebrates the subtle nuances of shade and density, style and depth. Tints of colors more sensed than seen. Fresh, serene, clear and calming, these are the highlights of the season.


These colors say contemporary, urban, sophisticated in a livable, lasting vernacular. Use them to warm up a modern or a classic room and let accents add a trendy touch.


Bold, funky modern colors to give walls a dramatic edge. At their best teamed with European influenced urban furnishings and a eclectic mix of accessories.

Exterior Palettes

The design professionals at Benjamin Moore have prepared these harmonious combination palettes you’re sure to love. They’re an inspiration to create an elegant palette for your home. Offered in premium exterior products that are the perfect blend or quality and durability you’ll be enjoying the result for years to come.

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