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Glass decoupage: 12 DIY ideas to inspire you

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Glass decoupage: 12 DIY ideas to inspire you

Sometimes all you need to get out of your monotonous routine is a renewal. So does your home from time to time, especially its decoration. One technique that has conquered its own audience is decoupage. The glass decoupage technique enables you to create unique structures with little materials.

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If you want to express yourself, let go of your imagination and create, then crafts are a solution. In addition to getting pleasure and satisfaction from your own creation, you will change your place. You can upgrade the look of your home with affordable materials. Decoupage technique is perfectly applied to various surfaces. Ideal are wood, stone, glass and clay. All you need to create unique creations is helpful guidance, imagination and mood.

A few words about the decorative technique of decoupage

What is a decoupage?

The name of the decoupage technique comes from the verb “découper” which in French means “cut”. That is, using pieces, mainly paper, creates various images and effects on the surfaces. These patterns are imprinted with the help of a special glue and take the look of the decorations! This technique is quite popular and ideal for seasonal decoration and handmade gifts. Favorite variations? In addition to glass you can try wood decoupage.

What paper can you use?

There are no major restrictions on the paper you choose to use, except that it should be thin enough. Rice paper and napkin are two of the options that stand out. Equally unique in style and aesthetics are the pages of newspapers and magazines ideal for jars and candle jars.

But you can also use special paper for decoupage, gift wrapping paper and photos. But be careful if you want to print your own photos or images, the printing paper will not unravel when you pass the glue. Finally, if you make a paper towel creation, remove the sheets and hold only one. As we told you, decoupage requires a thin layer of paper.

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How is the decoupage done?

Your main tools are just three! It’s a very simple process, as all you need is a special wet glue, a brush and a varnish for protection! First, cut out the piece of paper that contains the pattern or painting you want to stamp on the surface. Whether it is glass, wooden or metal. So glue the piece of paper with the special glue and with the help of the brush. You have to be careful not to let the piece line or swell as the surface will not be smooth. So, carefully brush the pattern with the brush and glue and make sure it is fastened to the object.

When coating the adhesive layer, allow it to dry well. As long as you make sure that the paper is dry and the paper stays stationary, the varnish is in order. The transparent protective varnish will stabilize the piece of paper and make sure it is waterproof. You will need to apply at least 4-5 layers of varnish again with the brush. This way you will protect your ornament from water and time-wasting. Construction materials can be found easily in the market where there are handicrafts.















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