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39 Furniture Decoupage ideas – Give old things a second life

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Furniture Decoupage ideas

Decoupage technique to design furniture products again at the peak of popularity. This is the easiest and most affordable way to update the interior, to give old furniture individuality and sophistication. Using different images on paper or material, a little imagination and creative inspiration can transform furniture fronts, doors, countertops and back into works of art.

Prepare materials

Select the image that you want to migrate to the surface of furniture. It can be a drawing on paper, napkin, wallpaper fragment print on textiles or leather, lace. It is advisable to buy a special decoupage glue, but in the absence of such suit and PVA. You will also need a sponge, soft brush and acrylic paint.

Important! Depending on the decoupage technique and style of future products you may need additional materials and tools.


Prepare the surface. If the furniture is wood without treatment, it can not be washed. Lacquered or painted furniture should be degreased (suitable dishwashing detergent), wipe with sandpaper and remove dust.

If the furniture is really old and it has cracks and chips, disguise their putty for wood and furniture wax.
Gruntuem surface of clear acrylic lacquer. Dark furniture is better to paint in bright colors.
Apply the adhesive to the base structure and place the cut on the contour of the image in the manner prescribed by the previously drawn up a sketch.

Application wipes

Quite often used as an image table napkins, which are usually layered. It takes only the top layer with a pattern. Substrate must necessarily be light. When applying the varnish napkin becomes more transparent, and the dark background pattern loses its contrast.

Tip! Lacking experience in decoupage, use pencil glue. Assumptions in drawing errors can be corrected easily fixing remove the crumpled napkin and wash the surface.

For professionals can offer another way. Place the napkin on a dry surface, and on top, apply the adhesive composition. Clay impregnate cloth and reliably fix the image. In any event, Figure varnished reliability.

Surround a special technique by which images are three-dimensional.
Dekopatch this is not a separate image, and the whole complex adjacent textured paper fragments. As a result, the entire surface is coated with a material that simulates the skin, fur and textiles.

More Tricks

When you create not just applications in the furniture and decoupage of this masterpiece, not do without additional effects. A popular option – gold plating, that is, covering elements of the image of golden paint. This gives the furniture touch of luxury and glamor. Often used the creation of shadows, they are applied with a brush and dry pastels. So it is possible to soften the contours of the figure and mask border.

Tinted a faint image with colored inks to produce the most vivid and dramatic picture. If the surface is covered with wax, paint and then wipe with sandpaper, you can create artificial abrasions. So make furniture in the style of neovintage – for registration retro interiors.

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