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Furniture decoupage ideas

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Apart from the transformation” of small decorative objects, the technique of decoupage is the perfect way,and in combination with color, you can radically change the view at any type of furniture.

Furniture decoupage ideas10Wooden stools, chairs, tables, desks, drawers or a wooden bed headboard can be really unrecognizable with your unique weapons of paper patterns and a little glue.The natural classical” view of romantic floral or vintage projects, using no special papers in similar projects but pieces from magazines, books, wrapping paper, newspapers, comic books, posters, photocopies or any kind photosimagescards etc.(you can also print to reduce or enlarge the dimensions you need in a store with photoprints on plain paper thin) will give any type of old or new furniture a modern or any other style you want.
On large surfaces of  furniture such as tables, drawers etc. the most practical way is to work with a single piece of paper, if you do not want to add the furniture generally old appearance, select a paper of general background to satisfy you as a base color of the furniture and pick the appropriate shade of paint to paint the furniture before the process of decoupage.
This will help you not to use much effort to tie” the pattern over the entire surface of the furniture while in surfaces particularly stressed by everyday use, pass in the final stages with some extra protective, some more than you would use  in a purely decorative object.
With deocupage you can give extremely beautiful view in any type of furniture for children’s rooms, using comic motifs or any other children’s plan and of course this technique is the cheapest way to convert acolorless and indifferent table, a chair,a desk etc. into a truly impressive piece of furnitureFurniture decoupage ideas11
The napkin decoupage on furniture, is appropriate only for small discrete patterns you may want to add in some parts of furniture, while if you try to use large pieces or whole ones, especially if you have no experience in this technique, probably the result will not satisfy you, since the larger in size and thinner paper, the more difficult to stick well on the surface you will use.
The easiest” paper for decoupage on large surfaces of furniture, is or will be ready rice paper in large dimensions or any A4 thick paper that will not bleach, which you will moisten lightly with water to place it on the surface you will use and then you can stick it with the glue according to the standard classical procedure decoupage for any kind of object. See the video below for step by step process of
How to decoupage furniture a Table:


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