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Newspaper Decoupage Furniture Technique

by Decorator
Even if you’ve never personally had to deal with the technique of decoupage, you’ve heard about it for sure. With it you can literally transform old or not too original furniture.

Newspaper Decoupage Furniture Technique

Popularity of decoupage technique on furniture is quite clear: it is hard to imagine a more simple and inexpensive method of updating grown old pieces of furniture. Or, suppose you bought some new furniture unit , something with which planned to improve the interior of a bedroom or living room. However, the novelty has disappointed you, ceased to be worthy of attention. And you decided to master the technique of decoupage on furniture. It is basically decoupage furniture with his own hands allows for virtually any design fantasies.

If you have that update, and you’re ready to creative experiments, we present you the step by step workshop on decoupage. So, study the technique of decoupage – how to make the simple, or an aged piece of furniture designer thing. Her we will study the example of a wooden dresser,  bought in IKEA store.

Following the instructions of our master class on decoupage, you can paste over the newspapers not only a chest of drawers, but any other piece of furniture that needs a face lift.

Prepare the materials and tools that are needed in decoupage furniture with his own hands.

  • cut paper;
  • fine grit sandpaper;
  • alcohol;
  • rags;
  • sealant to fill the holes;
  • Glue for decoupage;
  • brush-sponges;
  • transparent polyurethane primer or clear coat on acrylic-polyurethane;
  • three strips of leather to make new handles.


Step 1. We have a dresser RAST. We’ll decorate it with newspapers. Prepare chest: twist the handle, fill the holes with sealant from the handles (if we want to change them for new ones), passes over the surface of fine grit sandpaper, clear the chest with a cloth soaked in alcohol, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Newspaper Decoupage Furniture Technique1

Step 2. Brush-Sponge put on the surface of the dresser glue for decoupage. Newspapers, which we will seal the chest should be moist – carefully moistened with water. Imposing the newspaper on the surface of the chest, smooth them, guiding hands are wet from the pasted items to the edges. Expel the excess air out of the newspaper or a sponge roller. Covered with many drawers should dry overnight.

Newspaper Decoupage Furniture Technique2

Step 3. chest is dry – put on the surface of a transparent primer or paint on acrylic polyurethane in four or five layers. Between applications of each of the layers must pass an hour. When the primer is dry, they may be screwed into place. And you can make the handle of the original strips of leather, turning them and eyelet to attach to the upper edge of each of the boxes. The original chest of drawers in the retro style is ready.

Newspaper Decoupage Furniture Technique3

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