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Which vegetables make a good neighbor with tomatoes – Practical tips in the garden

by Eva

Which vegetables make a good neighbor with tomatoes – Practical tips in the garden

Here are some vegetables that don’t sit next to each other, but also find out which vegetables make a good house next to tomatoes so that you can grow them too. It is said that tomato is a fruit, but everyone uses it and cooks it like a vegetable. No matter what you choose to call it, tomato is part of the Solanaceae botanical family, along with peppers and eggplant.

Tomatoes can be grown both in greenhouses and in sunny areas in your garden. In Romania are cultivated over 70 varieties of tomatoes, some of the most popular being: Precos, Pontica, Viorica, Coralina, Buzau 1600, etc.

To enjoy tasty tomatoes, choose a sunny and airy place for them. They need natural sunlight and a space that is not crowded for air to circulate freely. It is also good to rotate the crops and avoid too large seedlings.

Caged tomatoes: Double the harvest of your tomatoes without trimming them

Another trick to keep in mind when planting seedlings is to plant them deeper. From time to time, water the plant abundantly. Make sure that the water reaches the ground and not the leaves and choose to do this early in the morning or in the evening after about an hour has passed since it cooled outside.

What vegetables do not plant next to tomatoes

As for vegetables that are not planted next to tomatoes, you should avoid planting cucumbers right where you planted the tomatoes.

Vegetables planted next to tomatoes

To enjoy a richer culture, there are also a number of vegetables that can be planted next to tomatoes. These are called companion plants. They are planted next to each other and are positioned there for the benefit of the other.

The companion plants are perfect because they stimulate the growth of nutrients for tomatoes, but also tomatoes for them. Next to tomatoes, we advise you to plant chives, onions, garlic, but also peppers. Onions and garlic are vegetables that can be successfully planted next to tomatoes because their strong smell removes pests.

Blue tomatoes, or anto-tomatoes in your garden – exotic and very healthy

Basil is another plant that can be planted next to tomatoes. It is said that basil gives tomatoes a stronger aroma, a better taste. Honestly, we have nothing to lose if we try several methods by which we can get richer and more beautiful, more fruitful cultures.

Asparagus is an ideal vegetable for your garden, tasty and versatile. It can be successfully planted near tomatoes, keeping certain pests at bay. Asparagus should be planted in a space where it has as much sun as possible, being a plant that needs light. Also, be sure to keep the weeds around the asparagus away.



















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