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Caged tomatoes: Double the harvest of your tomatoes without trimming them

by Eva

Caged tomatoes: Double the harvest of your tomatoes without trimming them

Have you ever experienced growing caged tomatoes? The principle is very simple, just make a cage with a roll of wire mesh and place it above the tomato stalk when planting. This easy and clever technique allows the tomato to grow independently and naturally, without pruning.

Blue tomatoes, or anto-tomatoes in your garden – exotic and very healthy

Double the harvest of your tomatoes without pruning them

Growing caged tomatoes has many advantages, the main one, of course, being that you do not have to do heavy work and get a higher yield. According to a well-established popular belief, a gourmand is a stem that does not produce flowering! What is false, if we let the tomato lovers grow, they will each produce several bouquets of flowers, then fruit.

Without any size, the tomato grows without stress, without injury that it must heal. Indeed, when we cut a gourmet, we create a wound through which can introduce diseases or pathogens. Contrary to the widespread idea that it is absolutely necessary to cut the gourmands, leaving them will allow you even in good growing conditions to double the tomato harvest.

Misconceptions, advantages and disadvantages of the technique

Letting gourmands grow on tomato plants may seem an extravagant idea, since this operation has been practiced in a generalized way for several generations. From a botanical point of view, these “gourmands” are secondary stems which bear leaves in particular, these same leaves allow photosynthesis and photosynthesis gives energy to the plant and therefore more elaborate sap which can nourish the fruits. . Cutting the secondary stems of tomato plants can therefore consume energy, and can even be harmful to the health of the plant.

Garden tomatoes tips – practical ideas to know how to care them

On the other hand, by growing tomatoes in cages without pruning, the vegetation of the tomatoes will be much more important, mulching and watering well during the summer is therefore essential. A simple but very functional and effective solution for watering consists in partially burying a trash can or a large bucket of 20 or 50 liters for example with small holes drilled around the bottom. Place well in the center of the cage, this reserve will provide the plant with water for a good week, or even more. Obviously, in order to obtain a good harvest, it is also advisable to bring natural fertilizers, such as compost or nettle manure for example. With this method, you can harvest up to 2 or 3 times more fruit.









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