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DIY Terrarium with glass bottles and jars

by Eva

DIY Terrarium with glass bottles and jars

We have for you today in our post, DIY terrariums in jars and glass bottles for your inspiration. See which one you like best and make one too to decorate a corner of your house.

The cool thing about these Terrariums is that they are easy to do and extremely cheap. After all, you will not spend anything on the container you will reuse. Arrange the pots or bottles and get inspired by these beautiful ideas.

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Especially do it if you love creating unusual garden decorations with recycling. That way you can decorate that little corner that you both wanted to give more life and joy.

Making a terrarium with bottles and jars is easy and simple to create. You only need to make the first layer of stones and in the second layer, you already put the sand you will use in planting.

It is cool to mix the earth with vermiculite or building sand. This will ensure that your terrarium drainage is even more efficient and facilitates the root growth of terrarium plants.

It is also nice to cut a fabric or gardening blanket to put between the stones and the sand. This will prevent sand from going to the rocks during watering.

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To make terrariums with bottles you just need to repeat the steps we said step by step to create the terrarium layers. The only difficulty is that you will have to turn around with such a small neck to be able to assemble the terrarium.

Large metal tweezers can help when planting little plants. Also because the sand and stones are very simple, just go pouring. But to plant the little plant, the size of the bottleneck makes it a little more difficult.

In fact, it looks too beautiful and everyone can love your making too. Especially if you are careful when setting up your beautiful terrarium with recycling.



















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