Home Gardening Amazing Orchid Cultivation in Glasses for your home decor

Amazing Orchid Cultivation in Glasses for your home decor

by Eva

Amazing Orchid Cultivation in Glasses for your home decor

Terrariums – one of the most unique ways to replace classic flowerpots in indoor plants and orchids are from the most prominent species that thrive ideally in glass containers.

Especially the “dwarf” orchid varieties, the most representative of the mini-whales, are best suited for growing in bushes where they can be planted alone or even with small-growing non-flowering plants that have similar needs for light and water, e.g. fern varieties, etc.

Hyacinth, an amazing plant for garden and flower pot

The orchid planting process in a bowl has no essential specificity with regard to the general way of placing ornamental species in Terrarium.

The bowl should be placed indoors but without the plants being exposed to direct sunlight. Especially if you place orchids near the window, the glass should not be overheated or too cold during the winter and of course, there is no radiator, air conditioner, etc.

The water needs of an orchid planted in a glass container are no different than plants planted in classic pots, you simply cannot remove the plant from the glass container and immerse the special pot with holes in which the orchids are planted for a few hours. water which is the ideal way of watering. So you should water the plants normally in the container 1-2 times a week for the summer season and about every 8-10 days the rest of the time.
Since the water in the bowls generally cannot drain, as in common pots, the most important thing to keep the plants healthy is to have a sufficient amount of thin pebbles at the bottom of the glass container, which is even more so for the orchids. important as most varieties are more resistant to drought than to excessive moisture. The thickness of this gravel layer in a Terrarium with Orchids should be about 3-4 cm.

Narcissus, a beautiful flower for your garden and flower pots

Superficially and for decorative purposes mainly the soil in the bowl, after planting the plants, can be covered with moss, tree bark, etc. as long as you use it before it is thoroughly washed with water, so as not to penetrate the germs that will have bacteria as a consequence of presenting diseases to plants.

Lubrication, necessary for growth, and especially for flowering, is normally done on plants in bushes either by using liquid fertilizer for orchids mixed with irrigation water or with special spray-form products that provide the plants with all the necessary ingredients for their healthy growth.

Finally, if you do not want to plant them directly in glass containers you can use them as a pot for your orchids.
Place in a glass gravel vase high enough, touch the flowerpot and cover with moss, making sure there is enough space for the aerial roots to spread out in all directions.








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