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How to plant succulents in tall glass cups

by Eva

How to plant succulents in tall glass cups

Here’s how to plant succulents in glass bowls. It is not difficult, but it takes some care to make your juicy always healthy.

It’s a cool and super elegant idea. You can decorate spaces with unusual vases made with glass bowls. It is simply special for planting especially succulents.

After all, succulents do not need much water and they are perfect for this type of cultivation in bowls and cups. See the tips we brought and also to create a beautiful decoration in your home.

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The key to growing succulents in bowls is to make a layer of stones that can hold the water while it evaporates and leaves the soil dry again. That is, in other words, creating a layer of stones will mean that you do not need holes in the bowls to drain the water, but you have to water very gently without adding too much water.

The planting is normal. But it is essential that you make a well-drained and well-drained substrate. For this, use vermiculite or construction sand to join with the soil and make a well-drained substrate.

You can decorate your bowl and make everything look more beautiful in decorating the arrangement. Note that a delicate composition with succulents in a glass or cups can be cute.
Also, plant your beautiful succulents and do something that can actually bring more elegance and charm in a space of the house. Surely you can make everything cozy in a small corner of your home.









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