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Amazing garden decorations with small and big clay pots

by Eva

Clay is one of the most beautiful aesthetics and perfectly matched with all sorts of outdoors materials and many ways that with simple clay pots or large-sized clay pots you can decorate the garden or your balcony.

Depending on how you combine them and the additional items you will use at the same spot, with simple clay pots or clay pots of any size, you can actually create really beautiful decorations and “corners” in the garden or in your yard.


Pots, mugs or pots with special designs, hand-made, aged, etc. Prefer to use them in a way that plants will not hide them and will leave most of their surface visible.

The way to become a truly beautiful decorative element, not just some special design, colored ones, etc., but even your simple clay pots, is to gather them in some places instead of “scattering” them individually in the whole garden or yard.

Horizontally positioned and ground-bound kneepads, of any size, will create a beautiful image in your flower beds or in rock gardens

Elements such as gravel, stones, etc. are perfectly matched with clay pots of any kind and ideally to form decorative flower beds.


Potters or pots to place plants in a way that gives the impression that these … sprout from the planting pot will create a particularly impressive picture in your flower beds.
For such configurations choose succulents or any other species that remain “alive” all year round or seasonal flowers with intense nuances.

Chen in following images Amazing garden decorations with small and big clay pots


















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