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How to decorate you terrace with glass jars that you have in your home

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The dominant role played by living our lives in general, from here on assumes our terrace. Most people now enjoy (the weather is good) to sit on the porchdrinking their coffee, staring at his computer or chatting with dear friends.

The decoration of the terrace is in the spotlight now more than ever and we have you easy and very economic ideas to decorate your porch with simple glass jars already have in your home.

Make candles. Buy simple white candles and place them inside your jars. Using thick rope tie jars on your terrace. Use different shades of rope even nicer result. You can find thick rope (like that of the photo), in stores with household items and decorations. Alternatively you can hang the jars using chain and putting internally gravel or sand and candles in whatever color you want.

Vases for balcony. If you want to put on the table on the terrace with a bouquet of fresh flowers can instead use some jars. For more beautiful effect use a small wooden box like this photo. You can find such simple wooden boxes in carpentry and shops with homeware. Place 3 or 4 jars of different sizes in the container and fill it with fresh flowers.

Outside chandelier Build a makeshift chandelier for your balcony using some empty jars and lights. You will need at least 5-6 jars, a set of lights (if your Christmas lights are white and plain, you can use it) and a burlap or thick rope to tie the jars together.

Make pots of herbs. Cultivate your favorite herbs in large jars. All you need is a little soil and the seeds you want to put in each pot. Add labels to identify each herb.

Make coasters and glasses. Buy cork (cork will find economical to many e-shops) and place the adhesive inside the lids of your pots. You can use any good glue have at home and is suitable for metal surfaces. Write with a permanent marker several nice messages and place coasters in a stack on the balcony table. Use the jars to serve coffee, lemonade or juice to your favorite friends.

Mosquito repellents and insect. The citronella is an oil which is a natural repellent for mosquitoes and insects. Take a jar and make a small hole in the lid. Fill with oil and pass a large wick through the hole that exists in your cap. Light the wick and say goodbye to the bites of mosquitoes. This liquid changes color in sunlight giving a beautiful touch to your space.

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decorate you terrace with glass jars3

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decorate you terrace with glass jars7

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