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DIY Tabletop fir trees ideas for an amazing Christmas decoration

by Eva

DIY Tabletop fir trees ideas for an amazing Christmas decoration

There is a month left to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and you still haven’t had time to decorate the house? Don’t worry, desktop fir trees are a perfect even for last minute solution to give your home a Christmas touch without taking too long.

Actually, these types of Christmas trees are also a resource for those who do not have much space at home (let’s see where we put that auxiliary table that would have to be removed to place the tree), or for those who are lazy to start mount the typical 1.8m tall tree, remove all its twigs, place thousands of balls, ornaments and little lights …

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With desktop fir trees, things are much easier: they usually come already assembled and you only have to place four ornaments to make them look beautiful. Plus, they dress and stuff more than mini Christmas trees. Do you want to see some examples?

Traditional tabletop fir trees

They are like a mini version of a full-fledged Christmas tree, with its balls, its star at the top, its accessories for the tree… They are usually green, bushy and natural-looking, emulating the classic Christmas fir tree.

Little leafy fir trees

Some table-top firs seem, unlike the previous ones, very poor in volume. Normally they are based on few branches that let all the light through, so they are very suitable to place in front of windows and large windows.

They are also ideal for more modern or Scandinavian-style houses, and do not need much decoration, so the time and cost savings are considerable.

Conical fir trees

The conical trees are very common when decorating with tabletop Christmas trees. Thanks to their wide base they can be placed on sideboards, fireplace lintels, side tables or windowsill.

Rustic fir trees

Nowadays, when environments with the presence of natural materials are so fashionable, rustic-style desktop Christmas trees are in full swing.
Wooden pots, decoration with pine cones, baskets or baskets to cover the base … any little detail will do

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One of the key points that must be taken into account when decorating with tabletop trees is the planter, since when they are supported on various supports (tables, sideboards or lintels) they will be within a greater reach of our eyes and will not go unnoticed as if standing trees do.

The idea in these cases is to look for something original, to avoid the classic ceramic pot and opt for other types of formats. For example, raffia or paper sacks, with a Christmas message included.

Now if you need optical inspiration for DIY Tabletop fir trees ideas just check the following images.























Images via: decofilia

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