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The ultimate ideas for decorating interiors with cactus

by Eva

The ultimate ideas for decorating interiors with cactus

Reach our ideas for decorating interiors with cactus

We love decorating interiors with plants, and this time we will talk about cactus. It is one of the best plants for decorating interiors, as do not require too much care. Here are some ideas for decorating interiors with cactus.

While it is true that cacti are outdoor plants, it is also possible to grow them and have them indoors, in fact, they are increasingly seen in indoor designs. That if, in the case of buying these plants, our recommendation is to do it in a nursery or garden shop where they can instruct us a little regarding the care of the interior cactus.

Decorate interiors with cactus: the hall

You can not deny the charm of these plants and the more decorative they bring. The Hall is one of those spaces of the house where they look very beautiful and will make a nice impression as soon as we enter our home.

Another of the ideal environments to decorate interiors with cactus is the living room. In this case, a single cactus will look great, as much as possible, although it must be said that in this of interior decoration there are no rules. For tastes the colors. If you want to assemble a composition with several small cacti, it will surely look great.

Cactus in windows

One of the best places where you could place your cacti are the windows. First of all, because it has to be said that these plants need the sunshine, at least a few hours a day, and secondly they look very nice there. In the following images, you can see how they are left. It is very nice to look through the windows through them.

custom flower pots to decorate with cactus

Cactuses are very good with everything that is handmade, natural fibers, earth tones, wood, etc. We loved these two proposals where they have placed cacti in very nice custom pots. You can buy the typical ceramic pots and personalize them with paint, or buy handmade pots, many of them made with cement and painted. At craft fairs, you will surely find some to get out of the ordinary.

Cactus in baskets

We love to decorate with baskets of natural fibers, such as the wicker. On this occasion, we can see cactus in wicker baskets, ideal to decorate any corner of the house.

Such is the advance of the cactus to decorate interiors that we can see them also in bedrooms. , n this it is necessary to clarify that some people do not recommend to place this type of plants in bedrooms pro an energetic question. So if you want to decorate your bedroom according to Feng Shui, or at least respect the rules of this philosophy, we recommend you investigate a little. But if it is not within your concerns, if you love the plants and aesthetics of these plants, here are a couple of pictures of bedrooms with cactus. We can not deny that they look precious.

decorating interiors with cactus1

decorating interiors with cactus2

decorating interiors with cactus3

decorating interiors with cactus4

decorating interiors with cactus5

decorating interiors with cactus6

decorating interiors with cactus7

decorating interiors with cactus8

decorating interiors with cactus9

decorating interiors with cactus10

decorating interiors with cactus11

decorating interiors with cactus12

decorating interiors with cactus13

decorating interiors with cactus14


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