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Wonderful wooden exterior decoratives for summer made from rope and wood

by Decorator

wooden exterior decoratives for summer

Elegant, economical and simple to manufacture wooden exteriors decoratives for summer or any other designs you want.
Suitable also for summer decorating business premises, shop windows, outdoor cafe, beach bar, etc.

You will need:
Pallet woods or any other type of raw plank, wooden slats, paint and varnish in any color you prefer, thick rope, nails and hotclue gun or a powerful general-purpose adhesive.

Initially you will need to pass lightly with sandpaper the wood, if they have very wild side, and join them together to whoever formation and size you wish to have the final construction. After you put them on the back side on a stable surface and nailing vertical or horizontal slats, depending on the shape of the structure, with just nails. Usually two such slats are sufficient to hold fixedly a construction of this form of moderate to slightly oversized. If you find it necessary use more.

With simple pencil draw anywhere on the front face of the wood the outline of the pattern you want or drag a similar size project with the method of … copy any printing. See for example here such projects with shells that you can print and zoom to a photocopying shop in any size you want.

Glue the rope around the project with the gun or glue and varnish coat with the inner part, so that the color at this point to create contrast with the overall color you paint the wood.

As thicker the rope you use, the more “three-dimensional” view of obtaining the final result.

Two additional studs that will nail the proper height on the slats of the back side, fasten a piece of rope to hang construction.

See in Beach By Design Co many such ready construction available for sale.

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