Home Garden Cactus Gardens – 47 amazing ideas on how to make one

Cactus Gardens – 47 amazing ideas on how to make one

by Eva

Cactus Gardens – 47 amazing ideas on how to make one

A garden with cacti can be the perfect answer if you need to redesign your garden landscape and look for durable plants that do not require much attention. Today we present forty pictures of cacti gardens, but we’ll also explain a few simple steps to grow one in your home garden.

The first step in producing a cactus garden is, of course, to plan and explore your garden to find the perfect place. The ideal place for a cactus garden is on a hill or hilltop, as it allows water to drain easily. If your garden is flat, you only need to create it.

The ultimate ideas for decorating interiors with cactus

When deciding where you want your garden from cacti, then you need to decide what size and shape you want to have. Use your imagination and be creative; you can form a circle, a square, a rectangle, a semicircle, a triangle, whatever you want. Then mark the border of the garden on the ground before you begin, this will be much easier for the digging you will need.

Now that you’re done digging, you’re ready to start building your garden. First, you need to get tile blocks for outdoors or stones to build a wall around your garden. Although the tile blocks come in a variety of styles and are very nice, it is true that they are even more expensive. The rocks work just as well and look beautiful and more natural, but they are also much less expensive. You will also need a plastic strip equal to the length of your garden border. Plastic is optional, but it removes weeds and will save you time and back pain in the long run.

Can you buy cactus soil in the garden center at your local store? If you can’t find a specific type of soil, you can make your own by mixing two parts of soil, two parts of sand and one part of pebbles. We then proceed to construct the pile of stones or blocks of tile along the edge of the garden. After you build the wall, you should fill your garden with cactus soil.

When planting cacti, be creative in their design. You can plant the cactus in a pattern or randomly or in a specific order. Once you have finished planting the cacti, your garden will be complete.











































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