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Flowers who loves shady places – ideas for arranging trees in yard

by Eva

flowers arounf trees

Although it is spring, buds barely arears on trees in the yard, but we love flowers and this should not only make us happy.

If you wonder why I made this brief introduction, the answer is as simple as can be. Because today we have ideas to embellish the trees in the yard planting flowers all around them.

Are simple ideas that any novice gardening can put into practice because it is so hard to put some seedlings in the ground. Also important is to choose places for flowers that prefer shade lists will be few.

But before describing some of them, we should mention that some species cope love the sun and shady places, but not vice versa.

Fern is one of the plants that love shade, so it can be planted around the trees in the yard.

Scented and delicate lily are other species of flowers that grow around trees.

And flower popularly known as the “earrings lady” is content with little sunlight, and therefore it can plant around the trees in the yard and that you remember her telling you that makes some flowers that look like hearts in bunches.

Hortensia grows in clumps and is another flower that prefer shade and moisture.

Ivy is a species that when he has too much shade, the leaves turn a dark green color due to large amounts of chlorophyll, but is suitable for such places.

NettleΒ ornamental found in several shades of colors and decorative is due to its large leaves. But snowdrops, irises and hyacinths.

Here are some ideas of plants that grow and develop harmoniously around the trees in the yard.

flowers arounf trees1

flowers arounf trees2

flowers arounf trees3

flowers arounf trees4

flowers arounf trees5

flowers arounf trees6

flowers arounf trees7

flowers arounf trees8

flowers arounf trees9

flowers arounf trees10

flowers arounf trees11

flowers arounf trees12

flowers arounf trees13

flowers arounf trees14

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