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Most famous Sacred plants in the world in your pot or garden

by Eva

Most famous Sacred plants in the world in your pot or garden

In many religious traditions plants are seen as spiritually symbolic – nourishing, delighting, healing and sometimes acting as intermediaries with the divine world.

Apart from bringing beauty to humans and nature, plants also have spiritually symbolic in many countries around the world. And in the post today, we want to write about them. Here are the most sacred plants that we are so glad to share. Each has its own beauty and contains good significance. If you are interested in, let’s check them out with us.

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How these plants are traditionally used can tell a lot about the values and aspirations of a culture, and if experimented with, should be treated with much awareness and respect. Some in this list are not exactly do-it-yourself undertakings — they require intricate, knowledgeable preparation on the part of a well-practiced shaman. Some doses, if fucked up, can be toxic. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.


Henbane is traditionally used in medicines. In ancient Greece, it was related to Apollo. It can be poisonous and can induce hallucinations, speech, and sight defects for a few days.


Widely used by American Indians, these flowers are also used to decorate the altars during Holy Week. It is also a symbol of beauty and wealth.


In Talmudic tradition, it is one of the plants used in the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth. It is said that this plant accompanies a person from birth to death.

San Pedro

Used popularly in Andean traditional medicine, it is also potent in curing emotional, mental, and physical ailments. It is considered sacred in Moche culture.


Jurema is considered a sacred plant in Northern Brazil, it is also used to make a psychoactive decoction that’s also famous as Vinho da Jurema (Jurema Wine).


For ages, Native Americans have been burning sage to ward off negative energy, eliminate stress, purify or bless people, positivity, and fight anxiety.

Syrian Rue

Used to keep the evil forces at bay, it is also used in some cultures as it results in psychoactive effects.

Jimson Weed

Jimson weed has its roots in ancient Indian culture, where it is related to lord shiva. In Ethiopia, it is consumed to enhance creativity with its power of hallucination.


The Mistletoe is extensively used during Christmas, the importance of the plant dates back to Celtic Druids where it represented the sun god Taranis.

African Dream Root

Native to South Africa, this plant is considered holy by Xhosa people. The roots of this plant are dried and consumed in tea. It improves sleep quality and refreshes the body.


Lotus is the national flower of India and in Hindu traditions, Gods are often depicted sitting on the flower. In ancient Egypt, the blue lotus was considered as a symbol of rebirth.

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