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Creative diy shelves and bookcases from pallets

by Eva

Creative DIY shelves and bookcases from pallets

Just like all pallet furniture, also libraries can build in two ways. Either with whole pallets, where you may just need to add or remove some planks or cut them to a smaller size or “completely disassemble” they will stick their woods which you will then nail-assemble in whatever layout you want, creating any type of shelf-library.

Creative ideas with pallets

This is a process that does not cost you much, even if after you buy the pallets ask a carpenter to “synthesize it” for you in whatever layout you want.

From the most economical and practical solutions for shelving libraries in youth houses, student, cottage, children’s rooms, etc., but also every space, whatever its overall decorative style, as in libraries as well as in any furniture made of pallets you can give any final look you want and fit where you put them with the corresponding painting-processing of wood.

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